Virtual Impact

Virtual Impact

 “We are all connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain”


– Stephen Hawking

There is no escaping the fact that more and more of our meetings are happening virtually. Many of us spend the majority of our working day on several different calls, with a dozen or more people dialling in from all over the globe. It’s one thing making an impact face to face, it’s a whole other skillset to make an impact on a conference call. However, there are a lot more choices available to you online than you might believe. Choices that will affect the way you communicate and come across on a call.


  • Make a powerful personal impact online
  • Understand the power of gesture and facial expressions online

  • Engage an audience with story and structure
  • Leave a memorable impression
  • Be ready for anything, spontaneous and able to think on your feet
  • Know how to use your unique voice to maximum effect
  • Understand how to manage and maximise your and other people’s energy on video calls
  • Learn the art of hosting and navigating conversations online to create smooth, interactive and engaging meetings


“Just wanted to say how truly amazing you were – my team, my boss and my colleagues from Corporate loved it! We have all walked away enriched by your session and I can’t thank you enough for running a superb session. Thank you again – I have already started to see an impact in how we are all with each other – we all have a renewed respect for how we show up. I can’t wait to see what we deliver as a team now!” 


Global Nasdaq Technology Company, 2018

Science and Stats:

Over 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than words because our brains like to see things rather than just hear about it. This is why video meetings are so much more engaging and productive than conference calls. 

Research shows that 62% of executives agree that relative to audioconferencing, video conferencing significantly improves the quality of communication, a figure that rises to 73% among high-growth companies. In addition, 50% of those surveyed believe video conferencing also improves the degree of understanding.

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