From Burnt Out to Fired Up

From Burnt Out to Fired Up

Are you headed for burn out? A recent study reported that 23% of us are feeling burnt out at work very often or always, while another 44% are feeling burnt out at work sometimes. Given that almost 50% of us will struggle with burnout at least once in our career, why are we not taking it more seriously?

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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”


– Dr. Seuss

Embracing the Darkness Within

In this article we are exploring the sides of ourselves that we’re often unaware of; the parts of self that get shunned to the edges of our consciousness by ourselves and often by society too. Otherwise known as the shadow self.

Summer Slow Down: The Upside of Downtime

This article is all about helping you to recognise and prioritise the power of rest; feel less stressed whilst still being productive; create more space for the things you love; and stay present and connected with your co-workers, family and friends – even during a busy day – so you can fall in love with the softer, slower side of life.

Taking back your personal power!

There are many things in life we can’t control: notably other people’s responses and behaviours. So, let’s start taking charge of what we can control: our response to the world. Take back your personal power and start playing the game of life…. your way.

In Search of Silver Linings…

In this article we’re looking at ways of finding the silver lining during difficult situations. This isn’t about excessive optimism, it’s about widening your lens, seeing the multiple and contradictory truths of a situation and stepping into other people’s shoes.

In Praise of Ordinary

Instead of trying to be special in relation to everyone else, why not join us in embracing and celebrating ordinariness. Instead of trying to be what you think other people want you to be, why not see what your unique ordinary might bring to the party. You might just discover a much more extra-ordinary way of living. One that celebrates average and everyday events and feels hugely grateful for the ordinary relationships and experiences which make up a life.

Whole Body Health

In this article we’re looking at health through a holistic lens, in order to shift the focus from body weight to a positive state. The aesthetic focus that dominates our understanding of health is undermining many other important factors, like our mental wellbeing. By stepping back and looking through a system lens, we’re transforming a 1-dimensional definition of health into a 4-dimensional, all-inclusive celebration of healthy living.

An Easter Ego…

Learning to live, lead and love with a healthy ego. Ego gets a bad rap. We are told to transcend the ego, release from ego, fight the ego. Yet, the majority of us don’t live on a mountain in the middle of the Himalayas where it might seem feasible to ‘starve the ego and feed the soul.’ We live in a world that incessantly provokes the ego. An ego that can protect and motivate us. As well as enrage and hijack us.

The Surprising benefits of being Surprised!

Is your life made up of lots of little surprises? If not why not!? Shake up expectation, spark up relationships and stay present and proactive by peppering your life with small and simple surprises. This isn’t about great big gestures, or lavish set-ups. In fact, the smaller and more regular the better, because when it comes to surprise, size doesn’t matter.

Baggage Reclaim

In this article we’re reclaiming our emotional baggage and learning how to handle it better. This isn’t about putting down all of our emotional baggage and throwing all of our issues over the floor: it’s about becoming aware of our emotional baggage, accepting that some of it will always be there and helping other people to reclaim and reconnect with their excess baggage too. Because our ‘baggage’ is what makes us human.

Naughty but Nice…

We can become conditioned into ‘being good’ from a very young age. And our experience of ‘goodness’ may often be subjective and gender-specific. One may be called a “good girl” for being ‘sugar, spice and all things nice’ and a “good boy” for being bold and brave. As adults, our understanding of what it means to ‘be good’ is likely to depend on the messages from childhood that we have internalised. And this definition of ‘good’ influences much more than our moral compass: it affects our day-to-day interactions with our co-workers, family and friends and also, with ourselves. So, what does ‘good’ mean? Compliant? Well-behaved? Talented? Successful? Top of class? Kind? Avoiding eating the donuts?! The list goes on….

Let’s get dreaming of Christmas connection. Not Christmas perfection.

Is striving for the ‘perfect’ Christmas leaving you feeling stressed?
If you answered ‘yes’ then you’re not alone. Research from the charity Mind revealed that one in ten people feel unable to cope at this time of year, a figure that increases to a third when we focus on people with ongoing mental health problems. Surprising given that this is supposed to be ‘the season to be jolly.’ But perhaps that’s exactly the problem. Are the social and cultural pressures to create a ‘Happy Christmas’ having the opposite affect? And is our well-intentioned desire to create a perfect Christmas causing us a whole lot of festive stress? In this article we’re exploring how we can create a truly ’perfect’ Christmas for ourselves. One that isn’t aiming for perfection at all but is instead, focused on Christmas connection.

Thanksgiving and Receiving

Many of us grew up being told that it’s more noble to give than it is to receive. But if everyone is busy giving, then who is going to be available to receive all of that good stuff? We need a receiver in order to give. And in order to properly ‘give thanks’- as the holiday’s namesake suggests- we must first open ourselves up to the vulnerable art of receiving.

Why you ask? Because receiving opens us up and enables us to connect to others in deep and meaningful ways; it emotionally benefits the way we see ourselves; it brings more compassion into our lives; it gives others the opportunity to give; and if we model the ability to receive, we make it okay for others to receive too. Amidst all of the gift giving that the holiday season brings, can we also make space to humbly receive? To open ourselves up to the gifts that have already been given? This isn’t just about being grateful, it’s about acknowledging the beauty in giving and receiving and embracing this continuous state of flow. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same, intimate coin and we need balance. Join me as I step into the Thanksgiving celebrations as an open-hearted giver and humble hearted receiver…

Make friends with fear

Have you ever watched a horror movie or ridden a rollercoaster in order to recreate the experience of fear?
Well believe it or not, but we are doing this all the time. On a daily basis we are often unknowingly creating and living with the experience of fear, particularly in our professional lives. The great news is that fear isn’t fixed: we can change our response to fear by becoming conscious of the mechanisms behind the fear response.

SUMMER’S OUT!! And it’s back to school…

Remember Septembers from your childhood and how it felt going back to school? Excitement at seeing friends again, sadness that the summer holidays were over. Looking forward to learning lots of new things…The latter perhaps not so much! So, as September draws to a close let’s think about our own timetable of classes. What are you excited to learn about in the term ahead? What new subjects will surprise you? And who might be your teachers? Join us as we consciously pack our bags for a brand-new year at “the-school-of-life”.

Micro Experiences, Macro Effects

In this article we’re magnifying our interactions, in order to understand how micro experiences- the small, simple moments you might miss- can have macro effects. All of our interactions, good and bad, are made up of multiple micro-moments. Even one sales call involves numerous micro-moments, and the sum of those experiences will shape the customer’s experience of the company. So, this month we’re asking the following: are you conscious of the micro experiences you are creating in the everyday? And can you appreciate the micro experiences that other people are creating for you? Don’t underestimate their power. These seemingly small and simple moments create a ripple effect that can impact the dynamic of a whole relationship. To echo Google’s micro-moments advertisement campaign, “Life isn’t lived in years, or days, or even hours. It’s lived in moments.” And I believe this is true for all of our experiences, whether they be personal or professional, intimate or global.

Conscious communication in the digital age

The commute has become an extension of the office ensuring that we can simultaneously travel and tick off the to-do list. Whether we use this time for productive work, playing a game or planning a night out with friends, our smartphones keep us constantly busy and never bored. But in eradicating boredom have we short circuited the mind’s capacity for creative thinking? Simple swipes and scrolls are innocent in isolation but when they fill up every crack and crevasse in a day, do they leave any room for anything else?

Conscious communication and your digital device

Technological advancements have completely transformed the working world: the pace is faster, the stakes are higher and we are no longer limited by continents, cultures or time zones. Our digital devices save time, money and offer us instant access to a worldwide community. This global network is shrinking space, time and is not only transforming how we work, but where we work. Yet, I wonder how much this 24/7, instant gratification culture is affecting the way we connect and communicate with each other, human-to-human?

Fearless and Foolish: Three reasons to be an April Fool this month

Many of us are terrified of appearing foolish in public. We might be mocked, humiliated, laughed at or perhaps even alienated from the group, team or tribe. But what if there were very good reasons to play the fool? What if we are missing out on opportunities to be fearless and free because we are scared of looking stupid? In this month’s article we flip foolishness on its head and consider the benefits of being the fool. Read on to discover how clowning around might help you to connect to unexpected opportunities, inspiration and joy.

Back to the beginning…

Beginnings are often associated with birth, January 1st, introductions and first dates. Yet each and every moment is, in itself, a beginning. We just aren’t always aware of these beginnings because they blend into the backdrop of our everyday lives. Just like the first bite of cake, beginnings bring an intensity that soon gets diluted as we start to normalise our experience, and by the 4th bite you’re bored and wishing you’d gone for the caramel slice instead. Same cake, different attitude.
When we adopt a beginner’s mindset we create a playful absence of assumption, free from fear and open to unexpected opportunity. Knowledge might give us power, but not knowing offers us an open book. So how might a beginner’s mind help you to invigorate your life with new perspective and purpose? And how might you bring your work, home and relationships back to the beginning? Back to that feeling of brand new…

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