Katie Churchman

Katie Churchman

Certified Organizational and Relationship System Coach ORSCC, PCC, ICF & TEDx Speaker- Expertise: Leadership Development, Personal Impact, Change Mindset, Presentation Skills & Effective Communication

“As a leadership and team coach, I will help you to find clarity and direction so that you can take ownership of goals and achieve results. My coaching sessions are designed to deliver impact and measurable results which are specific to your business objectives. I am passionate about bringing leadership development and great communication skills to organisations all over the world in order to build positive cultures and create tangible, lasting change. I specialise in coaching individuals and teams across a range of areas including Conscious Leadership, Change Mindset, Personal Impact, Presentation Skills, Effective Communication and Storytelling. I am goal-orientated, energetic and enjoy working with a fun, focused approach.”

In October 2020, I had the privilege of delivering a talk for TEDx Charlotte. At the heart of my talk is the power of storytelling: We often wait for our lives to happen in order to tell the story, but actually, the stories we tell ourselves now create our lives.

As a senior associate at 4D Human Being I am proud to be a facilitator and trainer with a focus on Leadership Development, Personal Impact, Relationship Systems Intelligence, Effective Communication & Organizational Storytelling.