Cara Cremeans, Foundation For Girls

“The 4D experience outlined a blend of the art and the science of communication. Having a measurable way to project intended communication is something I would’ve previously only considered on a scale of different adjectives; now, I can choose an adjective to project and scale my communication from 1-10 on that one word. This drills into a specific dial of my emotion to convey, which helps me be a better coach, leader, listener, and friend. Thank you for this opportunity. I will continue to practice these skills more mindfully.”

Global Media Company, 2018

“It has been such a positive experience – discussing the program and also being vulnerable with one another so we can grow together. I feel more connected and valued at work because of the buddies and relationship we’ve built on together and look forward to fostering those relationships through my entire professional career.”

Emma Lambert, Global Head Learning and Change Management, Global Pharma

“The 4D team are unique in their approach to the development and delivery of learning that really does drive behaviour change. Approaching topics such as culture change and communication from a position of deeply understanding the human psyche and adding on to that a flair for delivery that is seated in their expertise in acting and drama, they ensure an impact that lasts way beyond the learning event.”

SVP, Cisco

“Thanks for all you’ve done…You are making a big difference to the many people you touch here.”