4D’s Phil & Pen: Mind Your Energy

4D’s Phil & Pen: Mind Your Energy

Welcome to the 4D Human Being Podcast. We are celebrating Creativity and Hybrid working at 4D, so join Philippa and Penelope as they discuss one of the elements of our home & work lives. That is… Energy. We may be surprised to learn that one of the main ways we expend our energy as human beings is through our brain activity. Our brain accounts for about 20% of our total energy requirements!

So as intentional, conscious human beings – let’s not waste that precious energy on unnecessary mental tasks or ruminations. Let’s ‘spend’ that energy on what really counts. For ourselves and for others. Check out more at 4Dhumanbeing.com.  Enjoy the show!

4D’s Phil & Pen: Going Hybrid!

4D’s Phil & Pen: Going Hybrid!

Welcome to the 4D Human Being podcast. In this episode, Penelope and Philippa get very excited about the opportunities ahead in the world of hybrid working. Hybrid is a real buzzword at the moment and is often spoken about in terms of the challenges and obstacles to overcome. But what about the opportunities it brings?! Using our 4D perspective of the world, we offer you a great checklist to consciously create your hybrid workspace and meetings. And as usual, we throw in some fun, anecdotes and laughter. Enjoy the show!

Living and Leading with Impact

Living and Leading with Impact

Living and Leading with Impact


It’s all very well spending hours, months and thousands of pounds trying to understand your values, your purpose and your mission. Far too often, that never gets translated into behaviour. Ultimately, it is the impact you, your colleagues and your employees have on each other and your clients that will dictate your culture, narrative and success. As we return to the new normal, right now is the perfect time to think about the ‘new you’ at work – new ways of communicating, new choices and making a new impact.

We talk a lot about impact but what actually is impact

You can think of impact as having 6 elements:

1. It’s how you show up
2. How you communicate
3. How you respond
4. How you feel
5. How other people feel about you
6. How people then talk about you – today, tomorrow, into the future and when you’re not in in the room

That is your Impact.

Impact and communication is not just the icing on top of the cake – it’s who we are and our life experience. We are not who we are without all our qualities and relationships, successes and failures and then we add on the communication in the impact. It’s the complete reverse. As physicist Carlo Rovelli says: “we are the sum of our interactions.” In other words – how you communicate, how you impact other people and how you show up in relationships will completely determine your experience of yourself, your career and life.

Every single moment of every interaction, your impact is dictating who you are and how you will live your life. The idea that ‘leadership impact’ is somehow an ‘add-on’ is quite frankly crazy. Your impact as a leader is who you are, as a leader. It will inform whether people follow you, whether you can make things happen, whether you can create change or bring a strategy to life. All of this will come down to your interactions and your impact.

Top tips on creating an intentional impact:

1. Energy

Energy is everything. The energy you emit will determine how much of an impact you make. Are you making an energetic impact on others?


2. Intention

Are you thinking beyond tasks and meetings to how you actually want the people around you to FEEL?


3. Language

What words are you using about yourself and your work? Because that’s how people will then talk about you.


4. When things go wrong

As a leader your Impact in times of crisis, change or conflict will determine who you are and how people experience you almost more than any other time.


5. Be the author of you

Imagine for one day, that every single moment of that day, you are writing the brand or story of you. Not just with the words you use but with the way you physically show up, your posture, your attitude towards people, the eye contact you make or whether you smile or not… every single moment is building the story of you.

We may all aspire to live our deepest values and to believe we are aligned every moment of every day to our higher purpose but the truth is that actions speak louder than words. It’s not until we make conscious choices around our behaviours and attitudes that we can truly make the leadership impact we want to make.

How we can help

At 4D we are passionate about helping you expand you range to make the Impact you want to make and enabling organisations to build a culture of integrity, inclusion and inspiration. Now is the time to take on some new Impact tools for the ‘new you‘ in the new normal.

We are delighted to announce for the very first time, our successful 4D courses are available as open programmes and we are super excited to bring the 4D Human Being Experience to an even wider audience. The first open course program will be starting June 14th with our highly requested – “4D Essential Leadership Communication.” 

Email us at philippa@4dhumanbeing.com to find out more or get in touch below!


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4D’s Phil & Pen: Mini skirts and back to the office

4D’s Phil & Pen: Mini skirts and back to the office

Whether considering adapting to new fashion trends or to the ever-changing world around us, join Philippa and Penelope as we consider tips tools and ideas and consider how amazing we are as human beings stepping into change – and adapting to a new normal. Find out more at 4Dhumanbeing.com – please like and subscribe to the podcast. And… Enjoy the show!

4D’s Phil & Pen: Model Behaviour

4D’s Phil & Pen: Model Behaviour

Welcome to the 4D human Being podcast. Today we ask – What are you modelling? How can you “be the change you wish to see in the world (Credit to Gandhi for that one!😌).

What we do and model in the world is more likely to change our own experience, other peoples ideas and other peoples behaviours than perhaps we might think.

Enjoy the show – and find out more online at 4Dhumanbeing.com. Like and Subscribe!