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“I’ll bet most of the companies that are in life-or-death battles got into that kind of trouble because they didn’t pay enough attention to developing their leaders”


– Wayne Calloway, former Chairman, Pepsico, Inc.

Your natural talents and learnt skills have no doubt taken you a very long way on your path to success. But even the most successful leaders can at some point hit a barrier. This barrier can feel like a frustrating block to getting what you want. And…it can also be powerful message. A message telling you it’s time to become more conscious intentional leader. A message that the right executive coach can help you unlock. To help you break through, maximise your potential and achieve what you want.



  • Understand your leadership style
  • Develop your relationship management
  • Build communication style and impact
  • Expand network map and visibility

Science and Stats:

“In one study, executive coaching at Booz Allen Hamilton returned $7.90 for every $1 the firm spent on coaching.”- MetrixGlobal LLC

“In research conducted over the past three years we’ve found that leaders who have the best coaching skills have better business results.” – VP of Global Executive & Organisational Development at IBM


“I have had 2 separate promotions and am praised on my natural presentation and leadership style…I have achieved market leading engagement scores and results…I want to say thanks for the coaching you gave me all those years ago. I am now MD of my own business and reference what you taught me most sessions with my team and mentees. YES, I got my dream job AND yes you played a big part. Thank you.”

MD, Global Insurance Company

Why it's important...

Executive coaching is all about helping you to have a clear insight into the gaps between self perception and others perception of you, break through barriers to your next leadership level and become an ‘intentional leader’ able to manage diverse relationships, conflict and complex situations.

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