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“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

– Isaac Asimov

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Glasgow TEDx 2018

 In her talk, Philippa shares how to become a great improviser, so that you can consciously shape your interactions and so consciously shape your life.

Cisco Systems UK – 4D Human Being Presentation

Philippa Waller hosts a 4DHB seminar for the Cisco Roadshow.

How to Communicate using your 4 Dimensions

When you are communicating your values, ideas and beliefs the impression you leave on other people is determined by the energetic impact you make. This impact is a combination of your communication skills and the quantity (high or low) and quality (positive or negative) of your 4 dimensional energy.

Storytelling – the power of telling great stories.

Philippa Waller of 4D Human Being introduces The Story Loop. An easy to use story telling technique to help you organise your thoughts when constructing and communicating a story.

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