4D’s Phil & Pen: Mind Your Energy

by | 26 Nov 2021 | 4D Confidence & Impact Training, 4D Essential Communication Skills, 4D Virtual Impact

Welcome to the 4D Human Being Podcast. We are celebrating Creativity and Hybrid working at 4D, so join Philippa and Penelope as they discuss one of the elements of our home & work lives. That is… Energy. We may be surprised to learn that one of the main ways we expend our energy as human beings is through our brain activity. Our brain accounts for about 20% of our total energy requirements!

So as intentional, conscious human beings – let’s not waste that precious energy on unnecessary mental tasks or ruminations. Let’s ‘spend’ that energy on what really counts. For ourselves and for others. Check out more at 4Dhumanbeing.com.  Enjoy the show!