4D Communication Programmes

Whether presenting information, sharing ideas or winning new business – our unique 4D approach will help you get the edge when it comes to your personal and professional impact.

Our approach is highly interactive, dynamic and a lot of fun because we’ve found experiential learning to be an incredibly effective way of processing new information. Ensuring that you leave the room with a series of instantly applicable tools and techniques that you can use to consciously communicate with your colleagues, your family and friends, and also with yourself.

Presentation Skills


When presenting and pitching ideas most people put most of their focus on the content. But people don’t only buy into content –  they buy into people – and that means it’s YOU they buy! That will be all about the personal impact you have – or haven’t – made on the day.

Confidence & Impact


Confidence and Personal Impact are more than just a nice add-ons in life. They are fundamental beliefs you hold about yourself and your ability. And  they are that skills will shape your whole experience. As we say at 4D – The impact you make…the life you create. Your confidence and impact will dictate how you feel about yourself as well as ripple out to those around you. 



Storytelling is one of the most impactful tools at your disposal. Human beings are fundamentally wired to absorb information, buy into new ideas and trust people – through story. What stories are people currently telling about you, your team and your organisation? And what stories would you love them to be telling?

Influencing & Networking


Whether trying to influence peers or upper management, groups or individuals, internally or externally, and whether developing current relationships or creating new network connections – our unique 4D approach will help you get the edge when it comes to your personal influencing style, your professional impact, your assertiveness and your network presence.

Improvisation for Business


Business Improvisation is the must-have “killer app” for organisational growth and performance. It is a highly valuable tool designed to enhance the skills and productivity of an organisation’s most valuable asset – its people. Great business teams are like the best improv teams. Fast & flexible, alert & attentive, creative & courageous, all-trusting & all-in. There simply is nothing like the glue that binds an improv team towards the shared goal of – simply being the very best team to be a part of. 

Women in Business


Our bespoke Programmes for Women in Business will help delegates to become more self-aware including through a ‘gender’ lens, increase social awareness staring with body language, energy states/transmission and the impact of these and finally a delve into gender response patterns, ego states that lay behind these and what we can do as both men and women to get the very best out of ourselves and others.  Fun, highly interactive and designed to support women and leaders to increase confidence to help maximise performance and build great relationships.

Virtual & Hybrid Impact


There is no escaping the fact that more and more of our meetings and events are happening virtually. Or in a combined hybrid space of virtual and in-room attendees. It’s one thing making an impact face to face, it’s arguably quite different creating an impact online. And now with a workforce mix of remote and office workers – a whole new set of skills are required to engage and unify a hybrid audience. To ensure both online participants and colleagues in the room are able to be connected, creative and collaborative in a dynamic shared experience.

Courageous Communication


When feedback skills are poor, facilitation skills mediocre and the ability to have those challenging conversations non-existent your people, your culture and your customers will suffer. We can help you and your people have the confidence, the tools and the courage to step in to those conversations to that will develop your talent pool and engage your employees and benefit your business.

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