Courageous Communication

Courageous Communication

Our courageous communication programmes are bespoke workshops designed to help you and your people excel when it comes to those trickier areas of excellent relationship management and communication. A typical Courageous Communication programme may cover a topic such as feedback, facilitation and difficult conversations. When feedback skills are poor, facilitation skills mediocre and the ability to have those challenging conversations non-existent your people, your culture and your customers will suffer. We can help you and your people have the confidence, the tools and the courage to step in to those conversations to that will develop your talent pool and engage your employees and benefit your business.


  • Increase self-confidence and your skill set around people development
  • Apply new and effective communication tools to consciously create the impact you choose
  • Ask great questions – and manage difficult questions brilliantly
  • Use the environment to maximum effect in facilitation or feedback sessions
  • Motivate, engage and inspire individuals
  • Take responsibility for your own development
  • Commit to actions to maximise performance.

Science and Stats:

Studies show, though, that a successful office encourages a culture of feedback at every level of the hierarchy, and not just at prescribed moments. A culture of feedback, where peers feel comfortable sharing, asking for and receiving analysis of their performance, even on a daily basis, really changes how an office operates.

Officevibe statistics strongly support the value of feedback: “four out of 10 workers are actively disengaged when they get little or no feedback;” 82% of employees appreciate positive and negative feedback; and 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week as opposed to 18% of low engagement employees.


“Feedback is the breakfast of champions”


– Ken Blanchard

Giving constructive acknowledgement and feedback as well as the ability to receive and respond effectively to feedback is core to this programme. Encouraging a strengths-based approach to maintain and improve team performance as well as to offer tools and techniques to take team communication and feedback to the next level and deal with difficult conversations or delegates. This experiential programme focuses on strengths, awareness of behaviours, impact and an understanding of what constitutes great feedback and great facilitation in all 4 Dimensions.


“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves”


– Galileo Galilei

Workplaces are becoming less hierarchical and also more diverse. Decision making and business performance is reliant on inter-personal skills, communication skills and joint decision making and problem solving. These are reasons why facilitation is becoming a critical job skill going forward as organisations will need people who know how to harness all that diversity of thought and creativity – and channel it quickly and effectively into consensus and decisions in order move fast, in the right direction to achieve business success.

Difficult Conversations 

“The urge to blame is based . . . on the fear of being blamed.”


– Douglas Stone

When it comes to difficult conversations it can be tempting to simply avoid them. Why? Because difficult conversations don’t simply involve information. They involve feelings. In fact, even more than that feelings are at the very heart of difficult conversations – in life and in work. Difficult conversations are not about getting the facts right. They are about conflicting perceptions, interpretations, and values. Doing them and doing them well takes skill and courage. The rewards though are high. Including increased trust and a more developed and motivated workforce. Our interactive, practice-based workshops will help your people own their strengths and feel ready to take on the challenge of challenging conversations.


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