Welcome to 4DOD – digital, dynamic, on demand training from 4D Human Being

4D OnDemand is not just e-learning… it’s 4D learning! Learning and development that is energising and engaging, interactive and impactful, passionate and practical, effective and enjoyable, and a whole lot of fun.

What is it?

4D OnDemand is our carefully designed, comprehensive suite of digital training. Bringing you the unique 4D training at home, at your office or at your desk. Whether for you, your team or your whole organisation the 4D suite of interactive training and development is now even more accessible to even more people. World-class training with world-class results brought directly and digitally to you wherever and whenever you choose.

Bringing you the unique 4D training at home, at your office or at your desk.

Welcome to the exciting world of 4D OnDemand!

Discover More 4DOD Courses

4DOD Free Essentials Series

4DOD Free Essentials Series

With even more on leadership, teams, personal development, your personal brand, working in a hybrid world and much much more. Plus the latest insights, updates and podcasts from the wonderful world of 4D. All totally free and gifted to you with our love.
4DOD Impact Series

4DOD Impact Series

Unlock the power of body language, personal energy and intention to consciously manage and create the impact you choose every-day.
4DOD Presentation Skills Series

4DOD Presentation Skills Series

Conquer any nerves to become a confident, brilliant presenter in person or online – mastering stage presence, clear structure, captivating content, engaging Q&As and slides that really work.
4DOD Wellbeing Series

4DOD Wellbeing Series

Reduce stress, set positive boundaries, get re-activated and re-motivated so you are regulated, resilient and ready for anything.
4DOD Storytelling Series

4DOD Storytelling Series

Memorable and inspiring storytelling techniques to bring your messages, mission, presentations, products, viewpoint and vision to life
4DOD Personal Profile Series

4DOD Personal Profile Series

Build and live a personal profile and reputation that is impressive, engaging and memorable - creating a narrative that truly speaks about the very best you.


Self-Reflection & Practice

  • Core Tools
  • Models
  • Supporting Science
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Self Reflection
  • Application
  • Practice Worksheets
  • Action Planner

Support Materials

  • Homework Worksheets
  • Infographics of Core Tools & Models
  • Supporting 4D Articles
  • 4D Podcasts
  • 4D Video Library
  • Further Reading, Video & Audio


  • Unique Secure Login
  • Team/Organisation/Community Chat Forum
  • Personal Progress Chart
  • Achievement Badges
  • Course Certificates
  • Full 4D Support
  • Optional: 4DOD+ Which Includes 4DOD Series Plus 4 x Live Facilitated Group Sessions

Who are we?

4D Human Being are experts in, and passionate about, communication skills, personal impact, leadership development, team dynamics and WellBeing.

Welcome to the exciting world of 4D OnDemand!

Contact us at: info@4dhumanbeing.com. We look forward to hearing from you.