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Fun and informative 4D sessions – for off-sites that are off the charts

Time for a different kind of off-site event? Need to bring your team themes and goals to life? Looking for an experiential session that is also energising & fun? We hear you!


Your off-site is the perfect opportunity to inject some fresh energy into your team, organisation or business relationships. You’ve taken the time to go somewhere new – give 4D  a chance to take your off-site event on a whole other kind of journey-a 4D journey.

Our vast experience of designing and delivering dynamic group sessions will help you bring your business goals, strategies and visions to life. Transforming conversations and dreams into tangible actions, behaviours and shared commitments, it’s what we do! we guarantee your off-site is not just time spent away, it’s time spent well.


What You Get:


  • Bespoke, super-relevant session design
  • High impact facilitation and engagement
  • Dynamic, practical exercises and tools
  • Memorable and fun group experiences
  • Increased team connection and cohesion
  • Clear action plans and commitments
  • Follow-on materials for all attendees to build on their experience

 94% of employees state that training and development opportunities would convince them to stay in the company.

“…this change in perspective finally gave me hope that things can change – regardless of how long the issues have existed.”
EMEA Talent, Tech
“The 1st 6 weeks were intense – in a great way! We went deep…at a pace I felt comfortable with. It wasn’t long before my perspective on professional and personal matters – matters that had held me back for so long - was changing for the better.”
EMEA Recruitment Lead
"Matt's session truly enlightened me on the logistics of being a good speaker. I loved how he explained to us the 4 different effects of speaking along with a detailed outline of how a presentation flows."
Cisco High Extern
"This afternoon I attended the LEAD Network Webinar – Recruiting for Balance. You gals were fantastic!"
Alejandra Geissman-Castedo
"Earlier this year, I attended the Women of Impact event and was totally inspired by your session. I somehow found myself sharing a deeply personal story I had not told anyone at my organisation with a colleague who was a complete stranger, but also, based on what you taught us, for the first time ever, I wrote a story and entered it in a short story competition at my local library and I won it! So I am a big believer in you. It's only the library but to me it felt like winning the Booker prize!"
Analyst Relations Lead
Cisco, 2016
"Attended, earlier this week, the Women of Impact event and was amazed with Philippa! The energy, the message, the teachings! 1 very intense hour resulted in a very positive experience. I am a Toastmasters member and have been working hard on my speech/storytelling skills, Philippa is "Toastmasters" herself! THANK YOU!!!"
Global Chemical Company, German HQ
"I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback of the trainings participants. The training really, really made a deep impressive Impact on each participant. We asked today for sample feedback and the first messages where overwhelmingly good; First of all they appreciated your team's high professional art to conduct the training; The practical tips and hints were considered as utmost helpful… thank you a thousand times for contributing to our capability training... your team can be extremely proud of touching so many individual's hearts and minds."
L&D Lead
Global Pharmaceuticals Company

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

                     – JP Morgan