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4DOD WellBeing Series

Reduce stress, set positive boundaries, get re-activated and re-motivated so you are regulated, resilient and ready for anything.

4DOD WellBeing Series

4DOD WellBeing Series

Recuperate, re-activate, rethink and reset to take control of your personal WellBeing

A Preview of the WellBeing Series


Whether instantly, in the short term or in the longer term, 4DOD WellBeing gives you the insights, tools & techniques to optimise your emotional state, reduce negative thinking, improve relationships, set boundaries, and move from stress, anger or anxiety to a healthier, happier place.

“Just wanted to say how truly amazing you were – my team, my boss and my colleagues from Corporate loved it!… I have already started to see an impact in how we are all with each other – we all have a renewed respect for how we show up. I can’t wait to see what we deliver as a team now!”

VP EMEA Marketing

NASDAQ listed Global Technology Company

This course is for you if you want to…

  • Improve your WellBeing in 4D – physically, emotionally, mentally and relationally
  • Recognise unhealthy patterns and habits
  • Reduce or avoid stress, anxiety, burnout, overwhelm or conflict
  • To increase self-care, reslience and self-esteem

What You’ll Learn

  • Map & manage your WellBeing in 4D
  • Regulate, re-energise and re-activate your system
  • Manage personal triggers and connect to strengths
  • Understand emotions as messages
  • The science of your nervous system – moving from survive to thrive
  • Positive psychological reframing
  • Set positive boundaries & build a nourishing network

How does it work? Each video gives you…

  • Powerful 4D tools that are easy to use
  • The supporting science
  • Practice & reflection to embed the learning
  • Application & action planning
  • Structured modules that build your 4D WellBeing Toolkit

This Series Includes

  • 13 X video modules of 5+ hrs 4D training
  • 12 X Support Materials & 40+ further resources
  • Practice assignments & progress tracking
  • 1 X Certificate of Completion

    Course Content

    • 4D WellBeing Introduction
    • WellBeing in 4D2C – 4 Dimensions and 2 Contexts
    • 4D Physical WellBeing
    • 4D Physical Energy WellBeing
    • 4D Emotional WellBeing
    • The Ladder of WellBeing
    • 4D Mental WellBeing
    • 4D Relational WellBeing
    • The Healthy Ego
    • 4D Setting & Space WellBeing
    • WellBeing Habits
    • Close
    • Bonus Video: Purpose WellBeing