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“To say we are thrilled with the initial results and feedback would be an understatement.”
Global Sales and Country HR
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Our training programmes are highly interactive, engaging and packed with practical, dynamic exercises
“I am still buzzing from observing such a great session and being part of getting 4D Human Being involved in these workshops”
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What We Do

4D Human Being specialise in communication skills, personal impact, leadership development, team dynamics and WellBeing. Helping you, your leaders and organisation communicate & collaborate at a world-class level.

Working globally, our coaches, facilitators, speakers and psychotherapists bring a blend of life, business, drama and psychology to deliver F2F or online coaching, programs & keynotes with just the right mix of creativity, interactivity, engagement and professionalism – plus a whole lot of fun.

Watch our TEDx talk to learn what we do, and why we do it.

We human beings are not objects in a vacuum, we are the sum of our interactions. In her talk, Philippa shares how to become a great improviser, so that you can consciously shape your interactions and so consciously shape your life. Learn the rules of improvisation so you can play the game and more than that – you can change the game. Rethink as an improviser. Rethink how you shape your life. Rethink you.

“Overwhelmingly good!”
Change & Engagement Lead Development Transformation
“When I think of future training courses for my team, 4D are always on top of my list of potential providers to use.”
Operations Manager
Global Media Company
“To say we are thrilled with the initial results and feedback would be an understatement.”
Global Sales and Country HR
"I highly recommend 4D for any cultural change, diversity, leadership and communications skills programmes."
Courageous Communication Partnership
"Thank you again for your amazing training!"
Commercial Marketing Team Lead
Pfizer, 2019
"I would have never thought that 3 sessions could change my confidence this much! You are a miracle worker!"
HR Effectiveness Manager
Dentsu Aegis Network, 2018
"Thank you SO MUCH! Really and truly it was so helpful and impactful."
Consulting Engineer
Cisco, 2018
“Just wanted to say how truly amazing you were – my team, my boss and my colleagues from Corporate loved it!" 
Chief Marketing Officer
"Tuesday was one of the best team development days I think I’ve been on and I’ve come away with so many practical tools for me to apply back in the day job."
HR Director
"As always a masterpiece of work...!! Can't wait for the next one!"
Senior Manager
Cisco, 2018
"For me the outstanding talk of the day! Thanks."
Audience Member
TEDx Glasgow, 2018
"Approaching topics such as culture change and communication from a position of deeply understanding the human psyche and adding onto that a flair for delivery... have always found them to be professional yet warm, fun to work with."
Organisational Change Management Lead
Global Pharma
"4D have a unique ability to collaborate in a thought-provoking way to bring out the best of any organisation through their vast experience and insight. I would love the opportunity to collaborate with the team again in the future."
Group People Director
Global Optical Retail
"A brilliant and inspirational talk. Thanks you. Loved it all and so many messages for all of us as human beings."
"This is one of the most powerful talks I've ever watched. THANK YOU XX"
"Simply brilliant! Love the mindset of improvising. Yes and... thanks for sharing your story of growth through the pain of loss. "
"It's all about playing! Wow YES, AND... 2 words for new brain paths and improvising a NEW life. BRILLIANT SPEECH."
"And that is more than impressive."
"Thanks very much!"
"And you are amazing!"
Philippa in office

What we’re all about at 4D

At 4D we believe that each human being is unique and extraordinary. That people can always be at choice in their attitudes and actions, how they impact the world and how they live, love and lead.

Our work is driven by a passion to help people explore and expand their capabilities to realise their incredible potential – helping your organisation’s people to consciously create an inspiring culture and achieve performance levels to be proud of.

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