Are you happening to the world? Or is the world happening to you?


Helping leaders, teams and individuals consciously communicate with impact every day


Our team of 4D coaches and facilitators combine the knowledge, expertise and talents of entrepreneurs, business leaders, psychologists and actors to offer a unique suite of communication skills training programs, workshops and seminars to help you, your teams and your organisation to ‘Consciously Create The Impact You Choose.’ Unlike some training programs that focus on how we operate in one or two dimensions, our approach looks at our development in all 4 of our dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual and intentional. Taking you from a 3D Human Doing, to a 4D Human Being.

What we’re all about at 4D

When it comes to the training and development of your people – we’re not a purchase we’re a partner. We offer ongoing support in the form of podcasts, blogs, monthly newsletters and an online interactive hub, where you can download tools, watch videos and stay connected to the 4D community.

4D Communication Programmes

Whether presenting information, sharing ideas or winning new business – our unique 4D approach will help you get the edge when it comes to your personal and professional impact.

Watch our TEDx talk to learn what we do, and why we do it.


We human beings are not objects in a vacuum, we are the sum of our interactions. In her talk, Philippa shares how to become a great improviser, so that you can consciously shape your interactions and so consciously shape your life. Learn the rules of improvisation so you can play the game and more than that – you can change the game. Rethink as an improviser. Rethink how you shape your life. Rethink you.



“Overwhelmingly good!”

Change & Engagement Lead Development Transformation
Sandoz/Novartis, 2018

“When I think of future training courses for my team, 4D are always on top of my list of potential providers to use.”


Operations Manager
Global Media Company, 2017

“To say we are thrilled with the initial results and feedback would be an understatement.”


Global Sales and Country HR
Cisco, 2018
Courageous Communication Partnership, 2018

"I highly recommend 4D for any cultural change, diversity, leadership and communications skills programmes."

Courageous Communication Partnership, 2018
Global Head of Learning and Change Management, 2018

"The 4D team are unique in their approach to the development and delivery of learning that really does drive behaviour and change."

Global Head of Learning and Change Management
Global Pharma, 2018
Commercial Marketing Team Lead, Pfizer 2019

"Thank you again for your amazing training!"

Commercial Marketing Team Lead
Pfizer, 2019
HR Effectiveness Manager

"I would have never thought that 3 sessions could change my confidence this much! You are a miracle worker!"

HR Effectiveness Manager
Dentsu Aegis Network, 2018
Chief Marketing Officer

“Just wanted to say how truly amazing you were – my team, my boss and my colleagues from Corporate loved it!" 

Chief Marketing Officer
Global Nasdaq Technology Company
HR Director

"Tuesday was one of the best team development days I think I’ve been on and I’ve come away with so many practical tools for me to apply back in the day job."

HR Director
Senior Manager

"The feedback received so far is outstanding."

Senior Manager
Senior Manager

"As always a masterpiece of work...!! Can't wait for the next one!"

Senior Manager
Cisco, 2018


Choose Your Impact


Do you focus more on your intentions or your impact? And which one is more important…

This question is not only relevant in terms of organisational leadership and communication. It is relevant to whatever work you do. It is relevant in your personal life. And it is definitely relevant in every single one of your relationships.

Consciously Create The Impact You Choose

The Impact You Make. The Life You Create.