Plan, embed and sustain true cultural change

Culture Change

We drop the jargon and the flow charts and work with your people to embed positive mindsets and tangible behavioural change.

Change in the Workplace

Change in the Workplace

Creating genuine, lasting and dynamic cultural and behavioural change in the workplace.

How can 4D help you plan, embed and sustain true cultural change that actually works?

Most culture programmes fail. They don’t fail for money or time reasons, they fail for human reasons. They fail due to poor communication, lack of buy-in, low understanding, not enough collaboration and insufficient leadership. With our background in human psychology, behavioural change and communication skills, 4D Cultural Change goes to the heart of what helps people actually step into change.

We drop the jargon and the flow charts and work with your people to embed positive mindsets and tangible behavioural change. Helping you define and shape your values, purpose and culture and then bringing those core beliefs to life. With 4D, culture change can be exciting, engaging and energising. If you really want to change your culture, then we can help your culture change.

What We Do


  • Get to know you, your people and your business
  • Get clarity on tangible change goals and any obstacles
  • Support and help define your values, purpose and mission
  • Create a set of effective change and communication interventions
  • Roll out and cascade an integrated change programme
  • Ensure cross-silo experiences and collaboration
  • Track progress and further needs in real-time
  • Help you create a re-engaged and re-energised workforce
  • Partner with you all the way

What You Get


  • A highly experienced, creative 4D Change team
  • Quantitative and qualitative data surveys
  • Analysis of processes, structure and behaviours
  • A company narrative to bring values and purpose to life
  • Behavioural and communication skills tools – and learning materials
  • Leadership profiling, coaching and live shadowing
  • In-person and online workshops, seminars and keynotes
  • At-desk interactive videos to further embed training
  • In-house Change Champions trained up by 4D
Executive Coaching Benefits

Our Programmes

Mergers & Acquisitions

Helping you integrate into a unified, purposeful collaborative whole

Toxic Culture

Transform a harmful culture into harmony, happiness and humanity

Toxic Positivity

Shift from pretence to genuine acceptance, openness and positivity

Tired or Trapped

Refresh your purpose, reconnect and re-energise your people


Your first exciting step together towards company values and shared-purpose

Next Level/Second Tier

Awake your culture to a new level of consciousness


After negative fallout from change, get reset, re-aligned and re-invigorated


Unique solutions to create the positive, productive environment your workplace is longing to be

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"The 4D experience outlined a blend of the art and the science of communication. Having a measurable way to project intended communication is something I would've previously only considered on a scale of different adjectives; now, I can choose an adjective to project and scale my communication from 1-10 on that one word. This drills into a specific dial of my emotion to convey, which helps me be a better coach, leader, listener, and friend. Thank you for this opportunity. I will continue to practice these skills more mindfully."
Cara Cremeans
Foundation For Girls
"It has been such a positive experience – discussing the program and also being vulnerable with one another so we can grow together. I feel more connected and valued at work because of the buddies and relationship we've built on together and look forward to fostering those relationships through my entire professional career."
Global Media Company
"The 4D team are unique in their approach to the development and delivery of learning that really does drive behaviour change. Approaching topics such as culture change and communication from a position of deeply understanding the human psyche and adding on to that a flair for delivery that is seated in their expertise in acting and drama, they ensure an impact that lasts way beyond the learning event."
Emma Lambert
Global Head Learning and Change Management Global Pharma
"Thanks for all you’ve done…You are making a big difference to the many people you touch here."
4D Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

A 4D coaching programme will help you gain new insights, break through limiting habits and take your career, visibility and performance to new heights and… the next level of success.

4D Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

4D keynotes offer you informative, fun, and highly entertaining sessions to inject energy and excitement into your internal and external company conferences. Motivating and inspiring the people that count.

4D Culture Change

Culture Change

4D Cultural Change Management initiatives integrate our work across communication skills, team performance and wellbeing to provide programmes that inspire lasting change with a focus on systems inspired leadership.