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4DOD Storytelling Series

Memorable and inspiring storytelling techniques to bring your messages, mission, presentations, products, viewpoint and vision to life.

4DOD Storytelling Series

4DOD Storytelling Series

Making your messages more powerful, moving, sticky and long-lasting so you can motivate your people, team, customers and audience to action.

A Preview of the 4DOD Storytelling Series 


Giving you the very best insights and tools to ignite, write, craft, structure, refine and deliver your own world-class stories to give you the confidence to tell the very best personal and business stories – so as a master storyteller you can inspire your people, products, idea and organisation to new heights of possibility.

“Just wanted to say how truly amazing you were – my team, my boss and my colleagues from Corporate loved it!… I have already started to see an impact in how we are all with each other – we all have a renewed respect for how we show up. I can’t wait to see what we deliver as a team now!”

VP EMEA Marketing

NASDAQ listed Global Technology Company

This course is for you if you want to…

  • To learn or master the art of great storytelling
  • Craft & communicate personal and business stories
  • Make your messages memorable and your sales successful
  • Capture hearts as well as minds

What You’ll Learn

  • The 4D Story Loop – the ultimate story structure
  • 4D language tools to make your stories stickier
  • The science of storytelling to enhance your message
  • Create stories with clear themes and meaning
  • Apply story techniques to bring a future vison to life

How does it work? Each video gives you…

  • Powerful 4D tools that are easy to use
  • The supporting science
  • Practice & reflection to embed the learning
  • Application & action planning
  • Structured modules that build your 4D Storytelling Toolkit

This Series Includes

  • 8 X video modules of 2.5+ hrs 4D training
  • 4 X Support Materials + 4 X further resources
  • Practice assignments& progress tracking
  • 1 X Certificate of Completion

    Course Content

    • 4D Storytelling Introduction
    • Storytelling in 4D2C
    • The 4D Story Loop
    • 4D Stickier Storytelling
    • 4D Business Storytelling
    • Inspiring with Vision
    • Advanced Storytelling Tips
    • 4D Storytelling Series Close