All Group Experiences can be
delivered in person, hybrid or online


Fire up your regular team catch-ups,
project sessions or client meetings
with some 4D magic

Time to do something different in team or client meetings? Got stuck in patterns with regular updates or customer check-ins? Suffering from repeating meeting overload? Has the board room become a bored-room?


You don’t need to wait until the big team offsite or the company conference to reboot or revitalise your business meetings. Why not surprise your people or partners at your next regular meeting with a fabulous, fun-filled 4D session.

Whether it’s another team or project check in, a standard weekly meeting or a regular customer get-together, we can help you increase engagement, strengthen relationships and reignite shared business goals.  A meeting doesn’t have to simply be another meeting, it can be an opportunity to re-engage and re-energise your partners, people and purpose.

What you get:


  • Re-energised meetings – in person, online & hybrid
  • Increased participation and connection
  • Exercises to reignite team and customer passion
  • Tools to dial up team communication & idea sharing
  • New language & template for future meetings
  • Follow-on materials for participants to build on their experience

86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.

“I can’t speak highly enough of the 4D tools which are simple & logical. They are quick to apply and extremely handy to have at hand in prepping for presentations or stressful situations.”
International Tech Org, 83,000+ Employees
"Since the event, I've hardly been able to sit through a meeting without someone positively commenting about something to do with the Impact session. Infamous comes to mind! All this and we had so much fun doing it... right?! Thanks again for jumping on board and for all the tremendous work you and you team did. It is so appreciated, and the result was brilliant!"
Communications Team
"I wanted to quickly say thanks for the session with Penelope from 4dhumaningbeing. The 2 hours was awesome; extremely valuable, efficient and A-class. We covered a range of areas and she was flexible to address some priorities I had; she built the sessions on the spot around those development areas."
Coaching Client
"Philippa has unique gifts as a teacher and coach. In one hour of coaching, she helped me discover my own unique gifts and brought them to the surface. Brilliant!"
Operations Manager
US Multinational Corporation - Media & Entertainment Industry, 200,000 Employees
"I have a job! I start on Wednesday! I cannot thank you enough for your help! You have empowered me to be myself and bring the best in myself. It doesn't only translate to interviews. I will definitely be braver and bolder at work in general! I would have never thought that 3 sessions could change my confidence this much! You are a miracle worker!"
HR Lead, UK

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”


                       -Amy Poehler


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