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Giving Back

Here are some of the amazing charities and organisations we are proud to support

Who we’re supporting

Who we’re supporting

Who we’re supporting and why it’s important to all of us

Here are some of the amazing charities and organisations we are proud to support

All of us at 4D love our work, our clients and the people we get to work with. We love giving people the insights and tools to make positive change in their lives and their leadership. And as 4D has grown over the years, we love that we have the opportunity to give back in other ways too.

Through a combination of giving back with our time, our skill set, as well as financially, we are honoured to help a few of those most in need to make positive changes, to grow, to find comfort, to receive support and sometimes simply to make a tough time that little bit less tough. Here are some of the charities and organisations we support.

Foundation For Girls

Through a network of corporate and community sponsors and coaches, FFG economically empowers marginalised women and supports their children. They invest in women to become financially savvy, digitally capable, career confident, and socially connected. 4D’s Katie Churchman and Stephanie Kasen ran a series of 4D Impact and Confidence workshops to give FFG coaches further impact and communication tools to both enhance their own coaching as well as directly pass on to the women they are supporting. 4D is delighted to be one of FFG’s Conscious Collaboration partners.

“Thank you for investing your time in the FFG coaches. Each workshop was enlightening, and you…are fabulous coaches. All four sessions will have a life-long impact on us and those around us. We have fallen in love with the simple concepts shared and reinforced through each of the sessions”

Alzheimer’s Research UK

Dementia is caused by diseases that damage the brain and affect our memory and ability to think. 4D Human Being support Alzheimer’s Research UK which is the UK’s leading dementia research charity, dedicated to causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure.


Greenpeace is a non-governmental environmental organisation, founded in 1971. It is an independent campaigning organisation focused on global environmental problems, and developing solutions for a green and peaceful future. 4D Human Being are passionate about the flourishing of human beings and an integrated approach to flourishing as individuals, communities and as part of a wider environment. Our human experience is impacted by the environment in which we find ourselves, and the evolution of our environment depends upon our choices as human beings and we are delighted to support Greenpeace in their work.

Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School & Pets As Therapy

In 2019 my gorgeous cockapoo Billy passed the assessment to become a Therapy Dog. I got Billy soon after my former partner Tom died in 2016 and he was definitely my therapy dog through that tough time. So I was to volunteer with Pets as Therapy and that as an assessed PAT dog, Billy could now help others in need. Billy’s first job as a Therapy Dog was to sit with the children from the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School in Horsham while they read out loud to their classmates and teachers. The school is an incredible school that caters for pupils with severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties, or complex needs. Their vision is to enable every pupil to discover and develop their potential and have a real pride in their achievements.

From a parent…

“[my daughter] is usually really scared of dogs and avoids them when out and about! But on Friday she told us that ‘a nice dog came to school and didn’t even bite her hand’, which is massive for her! She keeps talking about Billy and was brave enough to walk a little closer to a dog outside the local shop over the weekend!”

Pancreatic Cancer UK

Philippa and Penelope’s dear father PhilipOn February 13th 2021 Philippa and Penelope’s dear father Philip died from pancreatic Cancer. So much of our father’s legacy lives on in us and our work today. The idea that you just need to solve the next problem and move on and if you can’t solve it – move on anyway. The hunger for learning and knowledge. The confidence to believe in ourselves and the absolute commitment to squeeze every last drop out of the one life you have.

Through the tough last few months of his illness and his incredible pragmatism and courage, our mother and family were supported by the nurses at PancreaticCancer.org.uk. Their generosity, understanding and warmth combined with their practical knowledge and advice was a lifeline. We are honoured to donate to such an important and wonderful organisation – and will continue to do so. A big, big thank you to all of you for your care and kindness.


Frontline19 was founded in 2020 by Claire Goodwin-Fee to offer a confidential psychological support service for people working in the NHS & frontline services in the UK. Frontline19 was set up in response to the exceptional pressure on staff during the Covid19 pandemic and was soon overwhelmed with requests for therapy and counselling support. As a qualified integrative therapist, Philippa immediately volunteered a number of free therapy slots every week to those in need from the NHS. We continue to support Frontline19 and are very proud to be associated with such a needed, caring and passionate organisation.