4D Mastering Challenging Conversations

The exciting art of turning difficult conversations into collaborative opportunities

Do you find that you avoid difficult conversations?

Can feedback sessions fill you with dread?

Do some relationships cause you too much stress?

The 4D Mastering Challenging Conversations is a game-changing programme when it comes to handling conflict, feedback and difficult relationships. In this course, your 4D facilitator will guide you through tools and techniques to help you step into challenging conversations with courage, confidence and incredible skill enabling you to develop talent, solve problems, creatively collaborate and build a resilient, trusting and enjoyable workplace for everyone.

Philippa 2019 TEDX – The improvising mindset: How every interaction shapes your reality

This Course Covers:

  • The 4 Dimensions of challenging conversations
  • Understanding personal triggers & blindspots
  • Listening, trust and managing the relationship dynamic
  • Handling unexpected reactions
  • The 4D feedback structure
  • Collaboration techniques

After taking this course you will:

  • Prepare for challenging conversations in a clear and constructive way
  • Increase self-confidence and skills when managing and developing people
  • Ask powerful questions – and exchange feedback brilliantly
  • Deal with conflict without entering the drama
  • Take the heat out of conflict and move to co-created solutions
  • Access 4D resources to help embed the learnings and apply the techniques, for long lasting change

70% of employees are avoiding difficult conversations with their boss, colleagues, and direct reports


“I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback of the trainings participants. The training really, really made a deep impressive Impact on each participant. We asked today for sample feedback and the first messages where overwhelmingly good; First of all they appreciated your team’s high professional art to conduct the training; The practical tips and hints were considered as utmost helpful… thank you a thousand times for contributing to our capability training… your team can be extremely proud of touching so many individual’s hearts and minds.”

L&D Lead
Global Pharmaceuticals Company, 2019

“Engaging effectively in difficult conversations for a more productive, enriching and performance-led business.”