4D Presentation Skills Training

Simple, powerful techniques to transform your presentations and engage your audience

Would you love to deliver world class presentations?

Do you find it challenging to engage an audience?

Do you waste too much time preparing slides?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, and it’s time to take your or your organisation’s presentation skills to the next level, then the 4D Presentation Skills Training programme is for you. Whether 1-2-1, team meetings, town halls or a global stage, this popular programme will help you and your people break through mediocre presentations and step in with impactful 4D tools and dynamic techniques to deliver engaging, clear and memorable presentations – to truly capture and motivate your audience.

Philippa 2019 TEDX – The improvising mindset: How every interaction shapes your reality

This Course Covers:

  • The 4 Dimensions of great presenting
  • Personal energy and emotion to capture any audience
  • The quick, easy and effective 4D presentation structure
  • Brilliant tips to optimise the impact of your slides
  • Vocal technique for maximum effect
  • The pillars of stagecraft and the ‘virtual’ arena

After taking this course you will:

  • Present with clarity, credibility and confidence in any situation
  • Engage an audience’s emotions as well as their intellect
  • Recognise that YOU are your presentation – your slides are there to support you
  • Use your space, body language and energy for maximum impact
  • Deal with the unexpected – whether time pressure or those challenging questions
  • Access 4D resources to embed the learnings and help you apply the techniques, for long-lasting change

Fear of public speaking affects around 75% of adults



Research shows that 79% of people agree that “most presentations are boring”

“The coaching sessions have been fantastic and extremely helpful. I personally learned a ton and I know the rest of the team did too.”

UK VP and Country Manager UK

“Whether as an individual or an organisation, effective and engaging presentation skills will ensure you stand out from the crowd.”