4D Business Storytelling

Memorable and inspiring storytelling techniques to bring your messages, presentations and vision to life

Are your messages more focused on information than inspiration?

Do you need to motivate your audience into action?

Are you looking to connect to the heart of your audience?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, and it’s time to take your or your organisation’s storytelling skills to the next level, then the 4D Business Storytelling programme is for you. Human beings are fundamentally wired to absorb story and storytelling is one of the most impactful business tools at your disposal. The 4D Business Storytelling Programme ensures your messages are more powerful, moving, sticky and long-lasting – motivating your team, audience and customers to action.

Philippa 2019 TEDX – The improvising mindset: How every interaction shapes your reality
Katie 2021 TEDX – So, What do you do?

This Course Covers:

  • Storytelling in 4 dimensions
  • The 4D Story Loop Structure
  • Story purpose and language for your business
  • Emotional Connection and Universal Truths
  • Influencing through Human Values
  • Practice, coaching and feedback

After taking this course you will:

  • Incorporate story seamlessly into your vision, messages and presentations
  • Share stories that engage and impact people’s emotion
  • Master a creative storytelling structure to capture, move and motivate an audience
  • Understand how language, imagery and metaphor can help really land your messages
  • Use story, rather than just data, to motivate action and change
  • Engage with story to convey purpose and help your company, your team and yourself to stand out

4D Storytellers

At 4D we are not simply great coaches and facilitators. We are storytellers. Between us we have decades of experience in writing and selling stories and film scripts in London and Hollywood, directing and training actors to tell incredible stories, acting in musicals and shows from the West End to the RSC, performing in improvisation troops all over the world telling spontaneous, engaging, well-crafted stories live, shaping our own stories for keynotes and Tedx Talks and helping business leaders to grow their careers, teams, influence and businesses – through the art of powerful storytelling. We know story and we know how to make you great storytellers – with tangible performance and sales results.

Research shows that people are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it’s been told in the form of a story



After a pitch 5% recalled a statistic, but 63% remembered the stories

“4D Human Being have a unique ability to spot the little things that can make a big difference. They have a brilliant eye for the storyline and for performance tricks that will leave your audience wanting more!”

Vice President of Industry Marketing
CISCO, 2019

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.”

– Steve Jobs