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Keynotes & Motivational Talks

Informative, interactive, and highly entertaining sessions to bring energy and excitement to your internal and external company events

Are you looking to engage and motivate your audience? Are you looking for inspiration & interaction at your event? Do you want a guaranteed buzz when people leave the room?


4D keynotes offer you informative, fun and highly entertaining sessions to inject energy and excitement into your internal and external company events. However big your audience might be, research shows that audience engagement is the largest challenge when it comes to big events. The next biggest challenge is interaction. At 4D we know that your people and partners need to be up to date on your latest organisational strategies, product offers and growth target  and they also need to be engaged, excited and motivated to act. Take a look at how 4D can bring high levels of engagement and interactivity to your next event.

What you get:

  • Inspirational expert 4D Speakers

  • Engaging, memorable alks to 20, 200, 2000 or 20,000 of your people

  • Fun exercises to ensure maximum engagement and interactivity

  • Compelling stories that ignite your company purpose and goals

  • Latest research connected to your business, culture and teams

  • Increased networking and relationship-building at your event

  • Follow-on materials for all attendees to build on their experience

Top 2 most important goals event organizers have for speakers are: audience engagement (74.7%) and education for the audience (58.7%).

4D Keynote speakers guarantee 100% satisfaction for engagement and learning with every single 4D interaction!

"Matt's session truly enlightened me on the logistics of being a good speaker. I loved how he explained to us the 4 different effects of speaking along with a detailed outline of how a presentation flows."
Cisco High Extern
"This afternoon I attended the LEAD Network Webinar – Recruiting for Balance. You gals were fantastic!"
Alejandra Geissman-Castedo
"Earlier this year, I attended the Women of Impact event and was totally inspired by your session. I somehow found myself sharing a deeply personal story I had not told anyone at my organisation with a colleague who was a complete stranger, but also, based on what you taught us, for the first time ever, I wrote a story and entered it in a short story competition at my local library and I won it! So I am a big believer in you. It's only the library but to me it felt like winning the Booker prize!"
Analyst Relations Lead
Cisco, 2016
"Attended, earlier this week, the Women of Impact event and was amazed with Philippa! The energy, the message, the teachings! 1 very intense hour resulted in a very positive experience. I am a Toastmasters member and have been working hard on my speech/storytelling skills, Philippa is "Toastmasters" herself! THANK YOU!!!"
Global Chemical Company, German HQ
"It was a great 4D session on WellBeing for my team and the level of engagement was very visible! Thank you, well done and keep in touch."
Global Head of eCommerce
Reckitt Benckiser

“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can make that happen, you can make anything happen.”

                       – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe