Executive Coaching

Developing your communication skills takes you to a whole new level

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Building self-awareness, personal impact and strategies for high-level success

Communication Coaching

4D Essential Communication Coaching

Clear and effective tools to transform the way you communicate

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Powerful techniques for you to present at a world-class level

Why is executive coaching vital in key leadership positions?

Again and again research tells us that technical skills will only get you so far in business. Developing your communication skills takes you to a whole new level. Building excellent communication skills means you can successfully influence, motivate and inspire others.

With top communication skills coaching you can become a better networker and negotiator. Plus, confident communicators are highly valued, in demand by businesses and achieve fast-tracked careers. A 4D coaching programme will help you gain new insights, break through limiting habits and take your career, visibility & performance to new heights and…the next level of success.

What We Do


  • Work from your strengths
  • Build a relationship of positivity, inclusivity and trust
  • Deliver our coaching in person or online
  • Bring you the latest human behavioural and psychological research
  • Embed expertise from psychology, theatre, business and integral theory
  • Work flexibly and internationally
  • Commit to providing engaging, energised, effective sessions
  • Bring passion, energy and expertise to create lasting change

What You Get


  • A unique impactful 4D coaching programme
  • A focus on how you communicate, think and manage relationships
  • Customised 1-2-1 attention on your strengths and potential
  • Clear and effective communication tools that work… and that last!
  • Insights, awareness and skills to positively impact your life
  • Ongoing access to exciting support materials, articles, podcasts and videos
  • A game-changing coaching experience
Executive Coaching Benefits

Our Coaching Programmes

Communication & Impact Coaching

On the catwalk of leadership, you are always on show.

Executive Coaching

4D Executive Coaching brings you the best in leadership coaching, career planning, strategic thinking and network expansion.

Presentation Coaching

Whether at 1-2-1 team meetings, town halls, annual conferences, sales pitches or on a global stage, 4D Presentation Coaching will help you build your confidence, be more present and stand out from the crowd.

Leading Through Change

Whether you are in the middle or at the start of organizational transformation or whether it’s business as usual, as a leader it can feel like you are always leading through change.

Leading Teams

Whether you are leading a top team, a team that needs further development or a team that is struggling or dysfunctional – you, as the leader, deserve expert support to help you plan, shape and build the dream team you know is there.

Leader WellBeing

Leadership can be incredibly stressful at times and leaders can often forget the golden rule of ‘oxygen mask first.’

“I can’t speak highly enough of the 4D tools which are simple & logical. They are quick to apply and extremely handy to have at hand in prepping for presentations or stressful situations.”
International Tech Org, 83,000+ Employees
"Since the event, I've hardly been able to sit through a meeting without someone positively commenting about something to do with the Impact session. Infamous comes to mind! All this and we had so much fun doing it... right?! Thanks again for jumping on board and for all the tremendous work you and you team did. It is so appreciated, and the result was brilliant!"
Communications Team
"I wanted to quickly say thanks for the session with Penelope from 4dhumaningbeing. The 2 hours was awesome; extremely valuable, efficient and A-class. We covered a range of areas and she was flexible to address some priorities I had; she built the sessions on the spot around those development areas."
Coaching Client
"Philippa has unique gifts as a teacher and coach. In one hour of coaching, she helped me discover my own unique gifts and brought them to the surface. Brilliant!"
Operations Manager
US Multinational Corporation - Media & Entertainment Industry, 200,000 Employees
"I have a job! I start on Wednesday! I cannot thank you enough for your help! You have empowered me to be myself and bring the best in myself. It doesn't only translate to interviews. I will definitely be braver and bolder at work in general! I would have never thought that 3 sessions could change my confidence this much! You are a miracle worker!"
HR Lead, UK
4D Training Programmes

Training Programmes

Whether attending a communication skills, personal wellbeing or team performance programme, you will leave your 4D session with a series of instantly applicable tools and techniques that really work!

4D Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

4D keynotes offer you informative, fun, and highly entertaining sessions to inject energy and excitement into your internal and external company conferences. Motivating and inspiring the people that count.

4D Culture Change

Culture Change

4D Cultural Change Management initiatives integrate our work across communication skills, team performance and wellbeing to provide programmes that inspire lasting change with a focus on systems inspired leadership.