About Us

Our team combine the expertise of business leaders, psychologists and actors to bring you world class programmes

Whether presenting information, sharing ideas or winning new business – our unique 4D approach will help you get the edge when it comes to your personal and professional impact.

Our team of 4D coaches and facilitators combine the knowledge, expertise and talents of entrepreneurs, business leaders, psychologists and actors to offer a unique suite of communication, leadership and wellbeing programmes to help you and your organisation choose your impact.

Unlike some training programs that focus on how we operate in one or two dimensions, our approach looks at our development in all 4 of our dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual and intentional. Taking you from being a 3D Human Doing, to a 4D Human Being.

Our approach is highly interactive, dynamic and a lot of fun because we know that experiential learning is the most effective way of processing new information. Ensuring that you leave the room with a series of instantly applicable tools and techniques that you can use to consciously communicate with your colleagues, your family and friends, and also with yourself.

Our Team

Philippa Waller

Matt Beresford

Matt Beresford

Claire Galmiche

Penelope Waller 

Stephanie Kasen

Emma Carter

“Are You Happening to the World or is the World Happening to You?”

What Makes Us Tick


Our purpose is simply to help you consciously create the impact you choose in life and work, through effective communication.

By offering coaching and training in communication skills and creative thinking all of us at 4D Human Being aim to help people raise their consciousness, increase their energy, decrease stress and anxiety and build their confidence to step into a new way of being. We do this by helping individuals, teams and organisations to expand their capacity for looking at themselves, each other and the issues they face in life and work, through multiple lenses.

Phil, Pen, Matt & Steph

What do we mean by a 4D Human Being?

A 4-dimensional human being is someone who understands manages how they operate in multiple dimensions: physically, emotionally, intellectually and intentionally.