Mastering Emotional Energy: The 4D Approach to Positive Transformation

"Emotions and our emotional energy is a natural and wonderful part of life. They colour our world, connect us to others, help guide us through life and give us insight into our inner thought processes.…"

Emotions and our emotional energy is a natural and wonderful part of life. They colour our world, connect us to others, help guide us through life and give us insight into our inner thought processes. AND for all of us, emotions can also drain our energy. So sometimes 

we need to take a moment to recognise and observe our emotions, then shift from a negative emotional state into a more positive one – easy with a daily dose of 4D!

4D Emotional Energy Tea Mock-up

Did you know…?

  1. Emotions are temporary and constantly changing
  2. Emotions are really only messengers
  3. YOU are not your emotions, they are merely visiting patterns of energy – that you can CHOOSE to CHANGE

Fascinating right? 

Your emotions are like the weather -constantly changing! You can gently let them move through or you can even change them. I love the phrase – ‘Nobody wakes up laughing.’ It’s a great reminder that if our emotional state isn’t as positive as we’d like it to be… we can choose to consciously set a new emotional baseline and energy for the day rather than simply let the negative clouds roll over us. 

Smiling - 4D Emotional Energy

Some questions for you. Do you: 

  • Believe you have control over your emotions?
  • Purposefully spend time with people who make you feel positive?
  • Recognise when you have been hijacked by negative emotions and take time out?
  • Consciously look for the positive and possible in situations?

If you have answered yes to all 4 – congratulations. You are firing on your 2nd dimension. Let’s boost you with some more 4D tools and tips. 

If you answered yes to 1,2, or 3 questions – great start. Now let’s get your emotional dimension re-fueled and feeding you with positivity, possibility and ready to party – whenever you need.

Did you know:

Emotions don’t exist ‘objectively’ in nature. According to neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett, they are not pre-programmed settings in our brains and bodies. Rather, they are psychological experiences that each of us constructs based on our unique personal history, physiology and environment. In other words, emotional responses are not an objective fact universally shared by us all, they are unique constructs based on your wiring and history. So, if you constructed your emotional landscape…and it’s not feeling good, well…maybe it’s time to rebuild it…you are the architect after all!

Want some 4D Emotional Energy Tips? Choose from the following:

  1. In the morning, look in the mirror, frown and say ‘Today is going to be terrible.’ Now lift your arms wide, smile and say ‘Today is going to be fascinating.’
  2. For the whole day, dial up your enthusiasm by 2 points in response to anything anybody says – even if they’re not being very interesting!
  3. If you feel stressed or angry before a meeting – hold your palms out, up and open. Relax your shoulders arms and hands completely. Breathe calmly here for 10 seconds. 
  4. Listen to your favourite upbeat music and maybe even throw some dance moves, right before your next meeting.

Your Emotional 4D boost in a bottle! Anytime, anywhere – with these simple tips you can get your hit of 4D Emotional energy to get you packed with positivity and fizzing with feel-good. 

While there’s no magical supplement to make these issues vanish, with the 4D tools and tips, you’ll feel the transformation. With our live and digital 4D WellBeing programs – you and your people can embrace your daily dose of 4D to energise your life, reclaim balance and boost your emotional WellBeing.

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