All Group Experiences can be delivered in person, hybrid or online

Large group Workshops & Webinars

Giving big groups – big learning, big energy and big memories


Do you want to inspire, energise and unite a larger group? Want the best in training and development delivered to a high volume of participants? We have the solution!


When you go big on group size, 4D guarantees you don’t need to go small on quality and experience. Whether you are looking to give larger groups some training and development, facilitated discussions, idea generating or simply a chance to interact, connect and have fun, 4D can design the perfect session for you!

With 4D, no one will get lost in the crowd. With top content and high levels of interaction, a big group 4D workshop or webinar is the solution you are looking for to get a larger number of people together, activated and inspired.

What you get:


  • Expert, engaging 4D facilitators
  • Fun exercises to ensure maximum interactivity and learning
  • Increased connecting, networking and relationship-building
  • Practical tools and memorable learning
  • High energy, big group games and processes
  • Follow-on materials for all attendees to build on their experience


    84% of business leaders believe in-person events are crucial for their business’ success 

    "Philippa and her team have a unique ability to collaborate in a thought-provoking way to bring out the best of any organisation through their vast experience and insight. I would love the opportunity to collaborate with the team again in the future."
    Kate Brown
    RSA, Organisational Effectivenes Director/Chief People Officer/Group HR Director
    "4D really go that extra mile in everything they do... When I think of future training courses for my team, 4D are always on top of my list of potential providers to use. Not only because of their infectious energy and personality along with their really strong organisational skills, but also because they make us really understand the importance of effective communication in the workplace."
    Andrew Widders
    Operations Manager US Multinational Corporation, Media & Entertainment Industry
    "I loved the improved workshop – I'm sorry but I have no constructive feedback to give you other than it was just perfect!! No improvement required!! ;o) The team loved it too for all the reasons they shared at the end, plus it really helping some of the team with their confidence."
    Communication Director
    Cisco, 2018
    "Let me take the opportunity to thank you for your coaching sessions. They have been really inspirational to me. I also have some nice surprise news for you... I have just been appointed as Regional FD. This is a great role – it’s the next level step-up and challenge that I was looking for... You were a big part of my success during the interviews. "
    Coaching Client
    Global Pharma Org

    “We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibres connect us with our fellow men.”

                  -Herman Melville 

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