Live with Purpose: Unlock the 4th Dimension of Intentional Living

"We waste so much energy on old habits, patterns, thoughts and behaviours. When you realise that intentional living – living with more consciously and intentionally is a possibility – it’s like waking up from a…"

We waste so much energy on old habits, patterns, thoughts and behaviours. When you realise that intentional living – living with more consciously and intentionally is a possibility – it’s like waking up from a dream or a trance. We can blame or complain about what happens in life, but living from intention means we can CHOOSE how to meet the world in a whole new way. From here, we reduce anger, stress, anxiety and can free up so much wasted energy from our other 3 dimensions.  

The 4D2C Model from 4D Human Being

Did you know…?

  1. Most people are in autopilot and pattern most of the time
  2. You have 2 ‘systems’ in your brain. System 1 that wants to keep doing things in the same automatic way. And System 2 that can set new intentions! 
  3. When you are living from your 4th Dimension – your intentional dimension – you always have CHOICE

Fascinating right? 

Living intentionally in 4D is a bit like learning a new skill. Initially, it takes some effort to stay awake and alert to our old habits and patterns but pretty soon living in 4D becomes the new habit!

Some questions for you.

Do you: 

  • Arrive at a meeting or a presentation thinking about your intention towards others rather than the content, tasks or information exchange ahead?
  • Have a clear sense of your purpose and core values at work and at home?
  • Take time out when emotionally triggered to reconnect to the bigger picture of what is truly important?
  • Energise yourself by consciously connecting to your deep intentions and values every day?

If you have answered yes to all 4 – congratulations. You are firing on your 4th dimension. Let’s boost you with some more 4D tools and tips. 

If you answered yes to 1,2, or 3 questions – great start. Now let’s get your Intentional dimension fully awake and in the driver’s seat so you can access even more life force and energy as a full 4D HumanBeing. 

Did you know:

Most people are wasting a lot of energy living, working and rushing around being who they think they SHOULD be. We can gain so much energy by taking a moment and living with more intention, more connection to our deepest values and more aligned to who we really are. As Brene Brown says…”Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” 

And remember your intentional self is NOT the same as your emotional self. You might find your brother-in-law or team-mate super annoying and so feel justified in being irritable towards them but that is your old emotional autopilot at work. What are your deeper intentions towards your fellow humanbeings? Who do you really want to be? Firing up your intentional dimension might take a little extra effort initially, but you will save a lifetime of wasted, negative energy and turn it into positive, purposeful energy and new exciting plans!  

Want some 4D Intentional Energy Tips? Choose from the following:

  1. Set an intention for the day. What do you want to put into the world today? More kindness, fun, support, warmth, care, calm, playfulness..?
  2. Connect to something you deeply care about and do your next presentation or meeting from there. For the love of your partner, to make your children, a parent or sibling proud, to inspire the young graduate on your team, to give your colleagues hope. We don’t have to do a presentation to ‘sell’ or ‘impress’ we could do it from a place of deeper intention. What’s it like to live from that place for a day?
  3. Between meetings take 10 seconds to stop, breathe and reconnect to  your deeper intention before the busy day sweeps you away again.
  4. Before you start your day think about your intention towards yourself, your friends, family, colleagues and clients… what if you thought ‘experience before expectation’, ‘relationship before results’, and ‘purpose before profit.’

Stop wasting energy on old habits and patterns. Fire up your 4D Intentional Energy, become the person you want to be in the world and get your 4th dimension rocketing you into 2024. 

And finally…now we have looked at Energising you in all 4Dimensions…

Do you feel…

  • More aware about your energy in 4D
  • Clearer on how you may be wasting energy in some dimensions?
  • Excited to have more choices to increase and release your energy
  • Committed to using the 4D tips to energise yourself everyday in 4Dimensions.
  • All of the above

If you have answered YES to 1 or more of these questions – congratulations…you are already more fired up and energised in 4D. If you have answered YES to ‘All of the above’ Then Hoorah! You are well on your way to living 2024 as an energised, happier, inspired and intentional 4DHumanBeing. 

Tell us how you get on and what works. And we wish you joy in 4D through the year ahead!