Avon Fire & Rescue Service

“I am still buzzing from observing such a great session and being part of getting 4D Human Being involved in these workshops. I had such amazing feedback. This was ground breaking training for the Fire Service and the results are testament to the need for more. Despite the diversity of participants roles and level in the Service, everyone was fully engaged and came away with invaluable tools for their wellbeing and leadership.  Thank you for making Avon and Fire and Rescue a stronger and more connected Service.”

Avon Fire & Rescue Service
Communications Team, Cisco

“Since the event, I’ve hardly been able to sit through a meeting without someone positively commenting about something to do with the Impact session. Infamous comes to mind! All this and we had so much fun doing it… right?! Thanks again for jumping on board and for all the tremendous work you and you team did. It is so appreciated, and the result was brilliant!”

Cara Cremeans, Foundation For Girls

“The 4D experience outlined a blend of the art and the science of communication. Having a measurable way to project intended communication is something I would’ve previously only considered on a scale of different adjectives; now, I can choose an adjective to project and scale my communication from 1-10 on that one word. This drills into a specific dial of my emotion to convey, which helps me be a better coach, leader, listener, and friend. Thank you for this opportunity. I will continue to practice these skills more mindfully.”

Foundation For Girls
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