4D’s Top Trends for 2023 – Part 1

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It’s been a joy and a pleasure to work with so many wonderful, curious and successful people, leaders, teams and organisations all over the world over 2022.

Last year was a big year of adjustment as we came out of the pandemic. There was so much to navigate from WFH to WFO to WFA, from hyper-flexibility, to the ‘new normal’ to the great resignation. 

At 4D HumanBeing we constantly keep our ears to the ground about what is coming next. So, as we stride our way into the New Year, let’s buckle up for the ride ahead and take a look at new and continuing themes that leaders, team and organisations need to be aware of in 2023. 

Here are 4D’s Top 10 Trends for the year ahead:

1. Energy

2023 is going to be all about energy – your energy as an individual, a team and as a business. Your personal energy resource plays a huge part in your WellBeing, creativity, motivation, relationships and life experience.  You will need enough of it to live well, happily and healthily. Don’t panic though – living on full crazy, 24/7, powerhouse energy is all very nineties and naughties. In 2023, rather than feeling the need to be on constant, high energy – this year the key is to live, play and work with ‘smart energy.’ By smart energy we mean the ability to use and focus your personal energy intelligently. This means recognising what and who energises or de-energises you, working at a sustainable pace, prioritising where you place your energy and focusing your effort where you create most value. This also means not working frantically, not working excessive hours and not allowing diaries or SM platforms to be your 24/7 taskmaster.

2022 has seen an energy crisis all over the world.  An energy crisis that has left many industries, businesses and homeowners struggling to keep going or has even resulted in businesses shutting down. While this energy crisis has made headlines, there’s another human energy crisis that has equally left people struggling to keep going or even seen them shutting down entirely through burnout. In the same way that we face a global energy supply crisis – we also need to wake up to our own personal energy supply and use. 

According to Forbes “burnout is widespread across the globe. A new study by Asana, looked at over 10,000 knowledge workers across seven countries, and found approximately 70% of people experienced burnout in the last year.” 

Whichever stats you look at there can be no doubt that burnout has hugely increased. 

2023 is the year for action, for less talking and more doing and for getting on with making things happen. However, it is also the year to do all this with a clear focus on working and living ‘energy smart.’ This year is all about that you, your leaders, teams and organisations getting more centred, grounded, intentional and discerning about where you choose to use up your precious energy – so you can stay well, happy, creative and engaged for a lot longer.

Top Tips: 

  1. Recognise what work, topics, issues, projects and people plug you in and light you up!
  2. Conserve your energy for when it counts!

Recognise what energises you, explore your purpose and learn to set clear boundaries through our 4D Leadership, Teams and WellBeing Programmes: 

4D Leadership Development, 4D Team Performance and 4D Workplace WellBeing as well as our digital course 4DOnDemand WellBeing which is coming soon.

2. Unphased by Uncertainty - UBU

Trend number two is all about becoming even more comfortable in uncertainty. The successful leaders who can encourage their people to flourish and follow in 2023 will be those who are able to stand in the face of uncertainty and rise to the challenge. These are the leaders who are not frightened of the unknown, but rather who find confidence and strength in the excitement of building together into the void.  These leaders not only tolerate but embrace rapid change and uncertainty. They are able to see the potential and the possible in the challenge of change and the confusion of chaos. They can see the connections in the craziness and the links and integrations that will create brilliant new innovations and ways of working. They are agile, curious, flex and flow leaders who find stability not in old, solid, tired corporate structures but in the energy and movement of systems where possibility and co-creation are key. 

These leaders are true Systems thinkers. In the language of Spiral Dynamics, they are ‘second tier leaders’ operating from what Don Beck calls Yellow and Turquoise value systems and what Ken Wilber and Frederic Laloux name Teal.  Second Tier leaders don’t force a course of action. They try to listen to where the organisation is naturally called to go and are able to trust that connections will emerge, are able to build into the unknown and when needed, to change course rapidly.  As I wrote in a 4D article, at the end of last year ‘Welcome to the Age of Soft Skills’ – these leaders embrace the art of improvisation. They are able to be fully in the present moment, working with what is available and at the same time able to make exciting connections to shape a new, vibrant sense of solidity and certainty, based on collaboration and deeper shared meaning. 

When it comes to the greatest change process of all – Evolution – it was never the survival of the fittest…it was always survival of the most adaptable. So, adaptability and creativity are the key to successful response to changing times.

The only thing constant in life is change. It’s time to stop wasting energy talking about the fact that things change (the WHAT) or WHY they might be changing – and start putting our focus on HOW we consciously want to respond. By embracing uncertainty and the skills of improvisation – ‘change’ suddenly becomes full of opportunity. When we are more focused on the collective system rather than ourselves, we can truly start to courageously co-create … in the moment. 

Business Improvisation is poised to be the next “killer app” for organisational growth and performance. It is a highly valuable tool designed to enhance the, leadership, resilience, creativity, adaptability and productivity of an organisation’s most valuable asset – its people. 

The Improviser mindset 

  1. Improvisers don’t fear failure – in fact they embrace it
  2. Improvisers know it is not a solo sport. We’re all in it together. Sharing responsibility and all having each other’s backs. 
  3. Improvisers know creativity is temporary and disposable – and yet improvisors play in with their full selves with courage and commitment. 
  4. Improvisers are excellent at listening, making offers, accept offers and building 

The skill of improvisation can be clearly mapped onto the skill of leadership:

  • The worst improvisers “block” 
  • Average improvisers will passively but agreeably “play” 
  • The good ones “build” 
  • The great ones know how to build AND make great offers to give their partners a good time 
  • The very best improvisers not only fully ‘play in’ – they have their eye on the longer arc of where an idea might be going, ready to drop an idea or adapt and course correct in an instance

To be ‘Second Tier’ UBU leader in 2023 – it’s time to get good at the art of improvisation!


  1. Get excited about uncertainty – think about a time you moved through uncertainty and built a new path
  2. Stop thinking obstacle and start thinking opportunity, stop thinking problem and think possibility

As experts in the art of improvisation and leadership, 4D can help you take your leaders and business to 2nd tier – Unphased By Uncertainty and embracing the art of improvisation.

 Check out: Business and Team Improvisation programmes, The 4D Improvisation Keynote and full transformational 4D Culture Change initiatives.

3. Communicating Vision

Trend number 3 for 2023 is all about communicating vision. Yes, you need to be a visionary and have the idea in the first place, and as, or maybe more, important than HAVING the vision, is the ability to COMMUNICATE the vision. To be persuasive, convincing and inspiring. 

In a time of such rapid change, uncertainty and fear – leaders, teams and businesses need to get very good at communicating future visions that inspire people to follow. This means leaders need to become world-class storytellers. Not only able to tell stories from the past to strengthen their messages – but able to create stories of inspiring visions of the future that move people to step forward with confidence. Creating and communicating vision for others means waking people from fear and apathy, breaking them free from the powerful pull of negative news, communicating a new vision that inspires people to act with meaning, motivation, unity and hope.  A leader who is able to communicate a strong vision for others loves to use their skills of imagination and communication. 

This leader trend of ‘vision communication’ is all about possibility, positivity, believability, relatability, trustability, and storytelling to create inspiration, community and fellowship.


  1. Allow yourself more time this year dreaming about an exciting future – it’s not time wasted!
  2. Using all five senses, communicate a vibrant picture of what the future could look like.

Business Storytelling Programme and our 4DOnDemand Storytelling Series.

4. Impact

Personal and Leadership impact will be vital in 2023. While ongoing relationship and trust building remain important – in an increasingly instant world, the instant impact you make when you walk into a room, step onto a stage or click into a video call – it is going to count and count BIG.

Your impact is all about:

  1. How you Communicate
  2. How you Show Up
  3. How you Respond
  4. How you Feel
  5. How Other People Feel About You
  6. How Other People Talk About You

To stay ahead of the curve, impactful and relevant in the current fast-paced environment, leaders need to get super good at making a fast, memorable impact that is at the same time genuine, real, human, relatable, connected and caring. It’s no longer enough to show up in your ‘work persona’– your impact in 2023 needs to reflect a far more grounded, human, integrated version of yourself. This is about world class communication skills becoming a part of WHO you are,  everyday, in every moment. You as a leader making an engaging and memorable impact not because you have to but because you are so connected to your message and purpose that you couldn’t show up in any other way.

In a business and social media world that is fighting for audience attention, it will be those that instantly connect who will succeed. This means moving into what Patsy Rodenburg calls 2nd Circle. In the 1st Circle we communicate with a more withdrawn energy that is focused on the data and content of what we have to say. In the 3rd Circle we broadcast, with a generalised energy. In 2nd Circle we connect with our audience in real dialogue – we are ‘present.’

Once you get the energy connected, you want to think about opening statements. Think less about data or stats and more about universal truths – those experiences that connect us as human beings. You might open with words like: ‘You know when you…” “If you’re anything like me you find that…” “We can all feel…” “Wouldn’t it be great if we could…”

With truly connecting energy and words – you will both stand out and grab our attention through the instant impact of the real, genuine, unique you.  And by the way, the increase of technology won’t reduce the importance of human impact!  With the rise of AI, there’s still no escape from how vital leadership impact and communication skills are going to be. In fact, as tech increases, your big differentiator is the impact you as a human can make!


  1. Focus as much or more on HOW you communicate as WHAT you communicate?
  2. Make the first 5 seconds of any meeting intentional and impactful.

5. Presentation

One of the big trends in 2023 is going to be the final decline of the over-long, data-heavy presentation. The days of long, scripted presentations over-stuffed with slides that are themselves over-stuffed with graphs, data and information are over. Not only are we bored to death by this format, research tells us that only 7 days after a presentation, your audience remembers no more than 10% of what you said. We can do better! When it comes to sharing business ideas, strategies, updates and information, the big shift is from big, set, scripted presentations to a more concise and at the same time fluid, natural way of communicating.

The trend for 2023 will be about getting very clear on the 10% you want your audience to remember and then – communicating that. And if possible – making your presentation an interactive experience.

In short: keep your ‘presentation’ to the 10% that matters and get the audience involved.

Not only that but it’s time to get off script. You need to get that information off the page and into your body, heart and soul. This means preparing presentations in a totally different way. You can start by noting down your key points, as a guide and then standing up and practicing speaking your message over and over and over until it’s in your body. Yes, that’s right! Presentation prep no longer means days and weeks writing scripts and half an hour standing up to ‘give it a go’ by reading from the script. This year’s trend is about being able to present information and ideas in a fluid, seemingly off-the-cuff, natural, connected, concise way. It’s about reconnecting to what you enjoy and love about what you do and to express that passion to your audience.

If you really want your audience to have the other 90% of content – don’t worry! Because in 2023 another trend definitely continues – content is still king. This year, people will only get more and more hungry for content. While we will no longer accept being talked AT in a presentation format for hours on end – we will engage in long form dialogues, extended conversations and short videos. So while there may be a decline in slide-packed presentations, there will an increase in Podcasts, Panels and Posts.

Podcasts are set to rise by another 40 million listeners this year to approximately 464 million listeners. With the mobile phone being by far the most popular way to listen to podcasts.

Following the increasing trend of podcasts, when it comes to business events and conferences – conversational panels are going to be far more popular than standard presentations this year. These more informal, fluid, spontaneous formats can last for hours and create huge opportunities to engage employees and customers away from the more formal presentation style format.

Finally, posting video content – whether internally to teams and employees or publicly on SM channels – is a must. As a population we are loving video content as a way of taking on new information and ideas. 80% of people said that videos had helped persuade them to buy a product and 40% love seeing explainer videos. In 2023 leaders will be recording and posting many more entertaining videos to inform and engage their teams.

To, this year, it’s about:

1. Concise and more natural presentations 2. Longer spontaneous conversations 3. Short engaging video content.

The trend across all these formats is a real, down-to-earth, conversational style of communication that is heartfelt and personal. Consumers and employees are wise to what is genuine, and this year, only if your presentation truly means something to you – will it truly mean something to your audience.


  1. Focus on the key 10% of your message, think structure not script, jewel not general, bullseye not board
  2. Imagine you only have 1 minute to present – what is your core message

You can check out our live 4D Presentation Skills Training as well as our digital 4DOnDemand Presentation Skills Series

Do get in touch if you’d like to talk about how 4D can help you, your leaders and your business communicate, connect and create in 2023.

Lots of love to you all you fabulous folks. Take care of yourselves and enjoy seeing what’s possible along the way!



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Communication is the solution!

Communication is the solution!

Maybe you can’t solve all your problems right now. Distribution jammed, resources scarce, staff resigning, delivery uncertain, customer satisfaction at its lowest level. What you CAN do though is COMMUNICATE to an exceptional level.

When things go wrong – it’s not the mistake or the error that has to be the deciding factor… we are all human, we all make mistakes, and we all know other people make mistakes too…But poor communication or lack of communication can really tip us over the edge. Human beings often hate poor communication more than they hate mistakes. As babies and infants, we are not wired to notice distribution chain errors or product challenges – we are wired to notice good and bad communication. We are wired to notice when someone is taking care of us, paying close attention to us and is truly focussed on our needs. We are wired for connection. In your business, whatever deals you are trying to make or keep – it is communication skills and human connection that are the real deal-breaker.

Your business cannot always find the solution to the problem, but it can always focus on excellent communication, leadership and relationship building. Even when a service is disappointing, or when we face uncertainty, loss, change or a crisis, if the communication is good, you can turn that experience around and actually bring some meaning, joy and human connection to your employees and customers’ lives.

I’ve had a number of customer service moments over the last few weeks. Some good some bad. I’ve cancelled a delivery service but had a complete turn-around with a company I had a product issue with.  

I really liked my grocery delivery service – they were far more convenient than going to the shops. On the other hand, I wasn’t hopeful about my complaint call to the company about the faulty product – which started with me, not in the best of moods. So why did I cancel the delivery service and yet feel totally different about the company that sold me a faulty product? Simple. The way they communicated. The way they interacted with me. The way they made me feel. As our dear 4D friend and colleague Anthony Etherton would say – it’s not rocket science, is it??! It’s good, clear and above all INTENTIONAL communication.

Take a moment now and think of a time you got annoyed with a company that you have dealt with – not because they made a mistake, but because their communication was poor.

And now think of a time when a company you were using made a mistake but because of the great communication and relationship management – you not only stayed with them but were grateful and appreciated their care, attention and impact on you.

Notice how you feel when you think of those very different experiences. This is the ripple effect on you and your business. Right into people’s lives, experiences and memories.

Whether you need to improve workforce well-being, team collaboration, company culture or customer satisfaction – better communication skills may well be the solution you are looking for.

And 4D is here to help – with courses, coaching, keynotes, plus our new 4D OnDemand digital platform – – we are here to help you, your leaders and your people become expert communicators who can inspire, motivate, energise and turn even the most challenging situations into golden opportunities. Stay tuned for some tips and best practices coming in the next article!

Love the 4D Team


A message from Philippa at 4D

A message from Philippa at 4D

What can I do to help?

I am sure many of you feel as distressed and wretched as I do at the news coming out of Ukraine. Just when we felt we were emerging from the pandemic, the devastation of a war in Europe crashes in.

I have reflected a lot over the past few days on the reaction around the world towards recent events. As with any devastating challenge or trauma coming into our lives, be it a personal, professional, or global curveball, many of us will be spiralling through a powerful, and complex mix of anger and outrage, helplessness and hopelessness, sadness, and despair, as well as love, hope, compassion, and kindness.

And as many of us watch the often-overwhelming footage of destruction and hear the heart-wrenching stories of pain and loss, we may be asking – What can we do? How can we help? We can donate of course but perhaps this doesn’t always feel enough. While we can admire and appreciate those who hurry to the borders to help refugees, that is simply not an option for so many people. So, what can we do?

Aside from doing anything we can to help individuals, support those in need and stand up for freedom and peace…we can also come back to ourselves and start there. Whether in conflict with one other person or a group or a state – we can rage and blame of course…and we can also choose to come back to ourselves and ask: How do we want to ‘be’ in this? Who and how do we want to be in response to aggression and conflict? Here are three reflections which we hope offer some support…

Behind the Boundary

Strong, supposedly negative, emotions like anger, rage or sadness can get a bad rap. These ‘negative’ emotions can be discouraged or rejected throughout our childhood and into our adult lives. And, yes, getting stuck in an emotion like anger is dangerous for us, our relationships, our society, and our health. However, whether you think about a personal conflict in your life or current events, we can understand the response of strong emotions in a different way. Whether we respond with rage, anger, sadness, or despair – strong and often difficult emotions can carry important messages for us. Anger, for example, can often arise as a ‘no’ to someone crossing our boundaries or ignoring our values. And when we understand anger as ‘no, this is not okay’ then we can start to take agency and make choice in a situation. Fear on the other hand may be calling us to act towards our safety and the safety of loved ones. Rather than getting stuck whirling around in a storm of difficult emotions for days, months or years, we need to understand these feelings as messengers that something isn’t okay, something has to change – emotions as a call to action. Signals sent by our body to help move us to a better place. As therapist Diana Fosha explains, “No matter how scary emotions can sometimes seem, if we allow ourselves to process and metabolise them, they will invariably take us to a good place”. So, if you are in conflict with someone or having strong feelings of anger, sadness, fear, or despair to events, can you listen to the feeling and ask what it is trying to tell you? From there, you can start to act and make choices. You can set boundaries, you can state your position, you can stand up for your values, you can communicate your beliefs and needs, you can feel more solid and sure of your footing and know what for you is okay and not okay.

At 4D we constantly ask the question – “Are you happening to the world, or is the world simply happening to you?” We ask this in terms of leadership, communication, and the impact we make. And this question is as, if not more, relevant when the hardest of times are upon us. When we lose someone we love, when our security feels threatened, when we are hurt, when we are scared and when we see war unfolding around us. It is at times like this that the world can happen to us, that we can feel so emotionally overwhelmed that we are lost in feelings of rage, anger, hurt or helplessness. It is by coming back to our 4th dimension – our intentional dimension- that we can start to get back to choice. It is from our intentional selves that we can happen to the world again.


Be the Change

You have no doubt heard the often quoted and yet highly relevant quote from Ghandi “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

As we face conflict or injustice in our lives, it can be tempting to let our anger, grief or hopelessness dictate our actions. But, if we want to live in a world where kindness, care, love, understanding, compassion, and humanity far outweigh cruelty and conflict or despair and defeat, then where in our own lives can we reduce conflict, increase understanding, reach out with love, or show an act of kindness? How are we living the values we so desperately want to see on the global stage?

By firing up our 4th dimension – our intentional dimension – we can surface from drowning in overwhelming and sometimes paralysing emotions – and get back to choice. From here, we can choose to put into the world and into our relationships more of the qualities we ourselves want to see in the world. So, what one word can you put in your head today that will set your intention for the day? That helps take you from feeling paralysed to purposeful, that redirects your anger to action, that helps you climb out of a spiral of hopelessness back up to a place of choice and hope. You may choose a word like loving or kind or motivating or caring or even playful or fun…by setting an intention through simply putting that one word in your head today, you will change your state, change your impact, change other people’s day, and create a ripple effect that can truly effect change in the world.

By coming back to ourselves and coming back to choice – we come back to possibility. And by coming back to ourselves and then coming together, we are working from the kind of consciousness, collaboration, leadership, and love that really gives us all a chance to build the day, the relationship, the business, the community, and the world we truly want to build.


Let go of the Past

Finally, conflicts can often arise from the seeds of ancient historical disagreements and bitterness. While we might question global actions based on decades or centuries old grievances, we might also look to ourselves and question how this very practice shows up for us. How many of us hold onto old narratives of wrongs done to us in the past that justify our feelings, actions, and choices today? How many of us live moments of aggression or anger, sadness or stubbornness that have their roots in arguments or hurts from months or years ago?  Even without knowing it, many of us can still be holding onto old hurts that continue to hurt us every day. We carry those past pains into the present day and live and breathe them as part of our story. What would it be like to let go of those stories? To release ourselves from the past hurts, to choose today to put down that emotional baggage and let it know we don’t need it anymore. That we are choosing to walk forwards without it now. While the pain we feel from past wrongs done to us may be totally justified, when we carry them with us every day, they become a burden that often end up hurting only us in the here-and-now.

I hope these three tools are as helpful to you as they have been for me.

I send you much love and to all of you caught in conflict – you are in so many hearts and minds and prayers.

Philippa x

Kickstart the New Year with the 4D Formula for Success!

Kickstart the New Year with the 4D Formula for Success!

The Big 4D Equation…The formula for satisfaction and success for 2022…and beyond.

Is this New Year time for a New You? A New Team Dynamic? Or a New Organisational Re-boot? Do you and your organisation need to hit reset? Do you, your colleagues and company need to refocus and re-energise for the year ahead? Are you looking for a motivating and inspiring kickstart to 2022? This is exactly what we are living and breathing – both personally and professionally – here at 4DHB. We are inspiring in ourselves and our clients more than simply a standard New Year intention. Because an intention on its own isn’t enough. It needs energy and action to help it burst into life.

But first let me ask…

How was your holiday break? I hope you found the rest and recuperation you needed. Certainly, for me, after a super busy year, it was a chance to properly stop and take stock. A chance to hit reset, to refresh and re-energise for the New Year and look forward to all the new and exciting opportunities ahead.

To successfully recharge and reset – I quite simply went back to the foundation of the 4D work. The simple and beautiful philosophy at the core of all our work here at 4DHB –  The Big 4D Equation. And that is…


Some years ago, this equation quite simply changed my life. Why? Because like many people, I had plenty of energy but was often channeling it into far too many projects rather than getting fully prioritised and focused on a clear intention or purpose.

So how did this equation help? By enabling me to recognise my strengths, connect to a deep purpose and energise only the thoughts and actions that would serve my core intention. It worked for me then and has worked for hundreds and thousands of 4D clients ever since – in leadership and in life. It is a wonderful equation to keep revisiting. To revise and refine as you move through different phases of your journey. It means that you and your organisation can ‘happen to the world rather than the world happening to you.’ It means you can make true change in your life, you can over-ride your old habits, you can be more than your current pattern of beliefs, thoughts, feelings and reactions and it means you can go beyond your habitual, accepted environment – to create a new reality.

“To truly change is to think greater than your environment.” Joe Dispenza.

This is game-changing and highly relevant both at a personal level and for organisations. While, according to PwC, 86% of C-Suite executives believe culture is critical to their organisations’ success, most individuals and organisations fail to make lasting change because they are missing one of the elements of the Big 4D Equation. Personally, we might set a New Year intention but not actually put any energy or actions behind it. Equally, an organisation may have a clear strategy and set of values or mission statements but be unable to inspire, energise and motivate its people to act at an emotional and behavioral level. For example, 75% of people believe their company puts organisational WellBeing high on the agenda but the majority don’t feel anyone knows what to actually do. In other words, the intention is there but there are no clear actions and behaviours where people can channel their energy. Equally, a company may have lots of great energy but be unfocussed or have multiple purposes that end up coming into conflict. To truly live to our values and intentions, we have to get from purpose to impact – with energy. And that’s what we at 4D are super good at helping you do!

Many people have come to the conclusion over the past two years that there is more to life than working endless hours disconnected from deep meaning and purpose, feeling stressed and burnt out – all in the hope of perhaps an award, some acknowledgement or more money at the end of it. In fact 88% of job seekers believe a healthy culture at work is vital.

And at 4D we know that “Great Culture plus great Communication is the glue that connects your organisation.” And…we know how to help you truly bring both of those elements to life.

I know from my work as a coach, facilitator, speaker and integrative psychotherapist that when the gap opens up between what we do every day and what we truly care about – then we risk living a very challenging, stressful and internally empty life. Where we end up compensating for this lack of meaning and connection by numbing through alcohol, food, gambling and shopping. It is wonderful that many people are now wanting to reconnect to deeper meaning and purpose. We are feeling the effects of this now and there is no going back. As people wake up to what they truly want their lives to feel and look like and who they truly want to be, we have to integrate that into our daily work lives and our organisational cultures. This is exciting. These are exciting times. We have an extraordinary opportunity to tap into these intentions and this energy that will drive us towards a richer, more purposeful way of being in work, in relationships and in our daily lives. Where energy plus intention creates the impact we truly desire in life, leadership and love 

So many of us are now reconnecting to these more important values in our lives. Values of love, connection, creativity, joy and care. Values that we can live personally and that can also easily be anchored in a team and organisation’s wider purpose or intention.

So that we live and breathe deep team collaboration, real customer care, where we share enhancing, joyful experiences with business partners, enjoy meaningful relationships that are vibrant with respect, consideration and excitement at what is possible together. This is all there for the taking and it’s time to set these intentions – you, me, we… all of us are the current and future culture of our organisations.

If we connect at a deeper level to our real values and intentions and if we energise them with passion and actions and behaviours that match… We will live, love and lead in a whole new way. Our lives and our work will be intertwined with profound meaning, ground-breaking creativity and deep humanity.

And of course sprinkled with a good dose of joy, fun and laughter along the way.

96% of C-Suites think their organisation needs some culture change and over 51% believe their culture needs a major overhaul. Culture change with intention, purpose and energy makes good business sense – companies with forward thinking ways of working enjoy 4 times more revenue growth and massively higher stock prices. So if you are looking to inspire a workforce and a leadership to come together, align around a tangible goal, to feel energised, connected, clear about the actions they need to take and be part of something bigger, meaningful and exciting – then let us help.

You now have the Big 4D Equation to help you get clarity about both the intention and the energy needed to bring it alive. And if you’d like a real kickstart to 2022 then why not bring us in to your organisation to share with you and your people one of our brilliant, insightful and fun interactive keynotes to start the New Year with a burst of intention and energy. So, you and your people can create the impact you really want in the year ahead. Whether it’s around your strategy, your values, organisational change, courage and fearlessness, leadership excellence, brilliant communication, supercharged creativity, enriching relationships, turning conflict to creativity, boosting personal wellbeing, how to be a terrific team or simply to energise and empower your workforce to have the confidence and belief that they can achieve anything –get in touch, we are here to help and excited to partner with you! Plus, we are delighted to let you know that we have a few places still available on our March 2022 Essential Leadership Communication Skills Open Course.

In these exciting times of change…let’s happen to the world. Let’s make clear, conscious choices. And let’s make 2022 the year that your energy + your intention really do create the inspirational impact you and your organisation want to make.

In the meantime do sign up to our 4D newsletter, check out our Big 4D Equation Podcast and a Very Happy New Year to you all!

Plus, here are 3 tips to help you kickstart the New Year with the 4D Formula for Success…!

1. Power Up The Positive
Think about the negative, limiting thoughts and actions you give your focus to and energise everyday. From the moment you wake up in the morning. Which behaviours and thoughts and beliefs do you WANT to energise. Remember the Big 4D Equation – our life is what we put our attention on. De-energise the attention you give to the worries, fears, or negatives and power up the possible by giving energy to the positive thought or intention that is really going to serve you this year.

2. Dial up you Energy
When you talk to colleagues, friends, customers, partners, your boss about what you hope for yourself, your team and the business this year – consciously dial up your energy by 2 points. So, every time people hear you talking about your plans and intentions they experience not only the idea, but feel the extra ENERGY. Because remember, energy is contagious!

3. Micro Modelling

We love what we call ‘Running Ahead’ at 4DHB which means starting to do small things right now that model where your intention is taking you. If your intention this year is to become a recognised public speaker or to get that promotion or run a creative project what one thing can you do NOW that is a version of this goal. For example, if you want to do more public speaking, can you craft a short, impactful contribution to a more general meeting that gets you noticed as a good speaker. If you want to lead a big work project, can you create a social or charity project where you can demonstrate your leadership skills. Don’t wait for the opportunities to energise your intentions – create them!

With love for the year ahead,

Philippa x

4D’s Phil & Pen: The 5 Gifts of Christmas

4D’s Phil & Pen: The 5 Gifts of Christmas

Welcome to the 4D Human Being podcast – and a very festive episode! Some of the gifts that are most important in life can often be nearby … if we are able to see them. Join Philippa and Penelope as we explore the 5 gifts to look for and enjoy during this holiday season.  We wish you all of these gifts and so much more. Happy Holidays, wishing you well, and… thank you from all of us at 4D for your support. Enjoy the show. 🎄💫