Kickstart the New Year with the 4D Formula for Success!

"Motivate your people, energise your organisation and bring your strategy, goals and culture to life with the 4D formula for success."

The Big 4D Equation…The formula for satisfaction and success for 2022…and beyond.

Is this New Year time for a New You? A New Team Dynamic? Or a New Organisational Re-boot? Do you and your organisation need to hit reset? Do you, your colleagues and company need to refocus and re-energise for the year ahead? Are you looking for a motivating and inspiring kickstart to 2022? This is exactly what we are living and breathing – both personally and professionally – here at 4DHB. We are inspiring in ourselves and our clients more than simply a standard New Year intention. Because an intention on its own isn’t enough. It needs energy and action to help it burst into life.

But first let me ask…

How was your holiday break? I hope you found the rest and recuperation you needed. Certainly, for me, after a super busy year, it was a chance to properly stop and take stock. A chance to hit reset, to refresh and re-energise for the New Year and look forward to all the new and exciting opportunities ahead.

To successfully recharge and reset – I quite simply went back to the foundation of the 4D work. The simple and beautiful philosophy at the core of all our work here at 4DHB –  The Big 4D Equation. And that is…


Some years ago, this equation quite simply changed my life. Why? Because like many people, I had plenty of energy but was often channeling it into far too many projects rather than getting fully prioritised and focused on a clear intention or purpose.

So how did this equation help? By enabling me to recognise my strengths, connect to a deep purpose and energise only the thoughts and actions that would serve my core intention. It worked for me then and has worked for hundreds and thousands of 4D clients ever since – in leadership and in life. It is a wonderful equation to keep revisiting. To revise and refine as you move through different phases of your journey. It means that you and your organisation can ‘happen to the world rather than the world happening to you.’ It means you can make true change in your life, you can over-ride your old habits, you can be more than your current pattern of beliefs, thoughts, feelings and reactions and it means you can go beyond your habitual, accepted environment – to create a new reality.

“To truly change is to think greater than your environment.” Joe Dispenza.

This is game-changing and highly relevant both at a personal level and for organisations. While, according to PwC, 86% of C-Suite executives believe culture is critical to their organisations’ success, most individuals and organisations fail to make lasting change because they are missing one of the elements of the Big 4D Equation. Personally, we might set a New Year intention but not actually put any energy or actions behind it. Equally, an organisation may have a clear strategy and set of values or mission statements but be unable to inspire, energise and motivate its people to act at an emotional and behavioral level. For example, 75% of people believe their company puts organisational WellBeing high on the agenda but the majority don’t feel anyone knows what to actually do. In other words, the intention is there but there are no clear actions and behaviours where people can channel their energy. Equally, a company may have lots of great energy but be unfocussed or have multiple purposes that end up coming into conflict. To truly live to our values and intentions, we have to get from purpose to impact – with energy. And that’s what we at 4D are super good at helping you do!

Many people have come to the conclusion over the past two years that there is more to life than working endless hours disconnected from deep meaning and purpose, feeling stressed and burnt out – all in the hope of perhaps an award, some acknowledgement or more money at the end of it. In fact 88% of job seekers believe a healthy culture at work is vital.

And at 4D we know that “Great Culture plus great Communication is the glue that connects your organisation.” And…we know how to help you truly bring both of those elements to life.

I know from my work as a coach, facilitator, speaker and integrative psychotherapist that when the gap opens up between what we do every day and what we truly care about – then we risk living a very challenging, stressful and internally empty life. Where we end up compensating for this lack of meaning and connection by numbing through alcohol, food, gambling and shopping. It is wonderful that many people are now wanting to reconnect to deeper meaning and purpose. We are feeling the effects of this now and there is no going back. As people wake up to what they truly want their lives to feel and look like and who they truly want to be, we have to integrate that into our daily work lives and our organisational cultures. This is exciting. These are exciting times. We have an extraordinary opportunity to tap into these intentions and this energy that will drive us towards a richer, more purposeful way of being in work, in relationships and in our daily lives. Where energy plus intention creates the impact we truly desire in life, leadership and love 

So many of us are now reconnecting to these more important values in our lives. Values of love, connection, creativity, joy and care. Values that we can live personally and that can also easily be anchored in a team and organisation’s wider purpose or intention.

So that we live and breathe deep team collaboration, real customer care, where we share enhancing, joyful experiences with business partners, enjoy meaningful relationships that are vibrant with respect, consideration and excitement at what is possible together. This is all there for the taking and it’s time to set these intentions – you, me, we… all of us are the current and future culture of our organisations.

If we connect at a deeper level to our real values and intentions and if we energise them with passion and actions and behaviours that match… We will live, love and lead in a whole new way. Our lives and our work will be intertwined with profound meaning, ground-breaking creativity and deep humanity.

And of course sprinkled with a good dose of joy, fun and laughter along the way.

96% of C-Suites think their organisation needs some culture change and over 51% believe their culture needs a major overhaul. Culture change with intention, purpose and energy makes good business sense – companies with forward thinking ways of working enjoy 4 times more revenue growth and massively higher stock prices. So if you are looking to inspire a workforce and a leadership to come together, align around a tangible goal, to feel energised, connected, clear about the actions they need to take and be part of something bigger, meaningful and exciting – then let us help.

You now have the Big 4D Equation to help you get clarity about both the intention and the energy needed to bring it alive. And if you’d like a real kickstart to 2022 then why not bring us in to your organisation to share with you and your people one of our brilliant, insightful and fun interactive keynotes to start the New Year with a burst of intention and energy. So, you and your people can create the impact you really want in the year ahead. Whether it’s around your strategy, your values, organisational change, courage and fearlessness, leadership excellence, brilliant communication, supercharged creativity, enriching relationships, turning conflict to creativity, boosting personal wellbeing, how to be a terrific team or simply to energise and empower your workforce to have the confidence and belief that they can achieve anything –get in touch, we are here to help and excited to partner with you! Plus, we are delighted to let you know that we have a few places still available on our March 2022 Essential Leadership Communication Skills Open Course.

In these exciting times of change…let’s happen to the world. Let’s make clear, conscious choices. And let’s make 2022 the year that your energy + your intention really do create the inspirational impact you and your organisation want to make.

In the meantime do sign up to our 4D newsletter, check out our Big 4D Equation Podcast and a Very Happy New Year to you all!

Plus, here are 3 tips to help you kickstart the New Year with the 4D Formula for Success…!

1. Power Up The Positive
Think about the negative, limiting thoughts and actions you give your focus to and energise everyday. From the moment you wake up in the morning. Which behaviours and thoughts and beliefs do you WANT to energise. Remember the Big 4D Equation – our life is what we put our attention on. De-energise the attention you give to the worries, fears, or negatives and power up the possible by giving energy to the positive thought or intention that is really going to serve you this year.

2. Dial up you Energy
When you talk to colleagues, friends, customers, partners, your boss about what you hope for yourself, your team and the business this year – consciously dial up your energy by 2 points. So, every time people hear you talking about your plans and intentions they experience not only the idea, but feel the extra ENERGY. Because remember, energy is contagious!

3. Micro Modelling

We love what we call ‘Running Ahead’ at 4DHB which means starting to do small things right now that model where your intention is taking you. If your intention this year is to become a recognised public speaker or to get that promotion or run a creative project what one thing can you do NOW that is a version of this goal. For example, if you want to do more public speaking, can you craft a short, impactful contribution to a more general meeting that gets you noticed as a good speaker. If you want to lead a big work project, can you create a social or charity project where you can demonstrate your leadership skills. Don’t wait for the opportunities to energise your intentions – create them!

With love for the year ahead,

Philippa x