The 4D Podcast: Asking Permission vs Begging Forgiveness

by | 10 Jul 2019 | 4D Confidence & Impact Training, 4D Team Creativity & Collaboration, 4D Team Performance, 4D Workplace WellBeing

In this episode Philippa and Katie discuss Grace Hopper’s famous axiom:  “It’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.” Is it really better to beg forgiveness? The advantages to acting first apologising later, are that it encourages autonomy, creativity and innovative thinking. However, it can also lead to egotistic and self-centred behaviour. In contrast, asking for permission can be limiting, slow and frustrating. Yet, it’s also a behaviour that considers the wider impact of one’s actions. How can we hold this paradox and operate from both of these value sets, in order to better serve ourselves, our loved ones and our wider communities?