Claire Galmiche

BA (Hons)

How we feel and what we believe about ourselves, our ‘story’, has a profound effect on how we communicate with others. Our beliefs shape who we are; we have the power to change our reality by changing how we think.

With 30 years’ experience in the fields of acting, directing, teaching and coaching, Claire Galmiche specialises in coaching individuals and teams across a range of areas including Voice, Public Speaking, Personal Impact, Leadership, Self-belief, Creativity, Presentation Skills and Storytelling.

Claire is passionate about human development, the power of effective communication and our potential for resilience: how we can thrive in the most challenging of circumstances and connect with each other in a meaningful way. Core to her values is her determination to help others achieve the results they strive for, work effectively in collaboration, and tell the story they want to tell. Claire speaks English, French, Italian and a little German.